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By: John's Farmlet Services  06-Dec-2011
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Our List Of Services

- Household Drinking Water Delivery
- Water tank cleaning and sanitising
- Swimming pool fills and top-ups
- Bulk water cartage for civil emergencies
- Emergency water for rural fire
- Suppliers of certified town water and mineral water, also PH neutral certified untreated water for sensitive skin types
- 24HR online order/payments/txt updates
- Split Dry Shed Stored firewood Delivered available May onwards.
- Servicing the whole of south auckland region.
- Paddock Topping/quad bike spraying
- Also Tractor/loader/postrammer/mulcher/winch with operator
for hire.
- Horse Arena maintenance and makeovers.
- 3 tonne digger angle bucket/trenching bucket etc
- 8x4 drop side tip truck/stockcrate/6 tonne ramps
- Large animal pest control and erradication.
- Hunter for hire
Horse Riding Lessons now available  23 Jun 18:12
Angela now taking riding lessons in our all weather arena ph 0274957796
Common Sense Has Prevailed For Now  30 Nov 11:33
Tanker Filling Station Staying For Now looks like we'll have the same scrap again next year.Watercare's Chief Operating Officer Raveen Jaduram said: "There is no plan to relocate the filling station this summer. The former Manukau City Council first raised the issue with Manukau Water some time ago and now it's been passed to Watercare. We have undertaken to work through it logically with the new council and Auckland Transport."If there is to be any change it will be after the summer in a period of low water demand. We'll give plenty of notice and there will be alternative facilities available for people operating private tanker businesses."There is no reason for any rural resident to rush into buying tank water they may not need this summer."Kind regards,
RachelRachel Hughes
Senior Communications Advisor
Ormiston Rd Water Filling Station Closure  26 Nov 22:18
Watercare Services have issued a notice to all water carriers that the Filling Station will be closed forever within two weeks, We are fighting this decision please get behind the water carriers and ask our council representatives what happened to common sense, The station is a valuable piece of infrastructure providing water to the Pohutukawa Coast via professional water carriers and must be retained. This affects everybody on the Pohutukawa Coast don't be complacent start asking questions now.

Keywords: Bulk Water, Filling Station, Water Carriers, Water Delivery, Water Tank