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By: John Marsh  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Contract Documentation

The services we offer can best be described by running through the design process which follows a similar sequence of activities (or services) whether for a small courtyard garden or large subdivision development.

These are:

Briefing, Site Survey, Preparation of Site Plan.

This stage involves the gathering of information.

The client presents their brief, ideally in writing, summarising the desired outcomes to be achieved by the process. This will identify the activities to take place on the site and preferences in terms of style, budget and maintenance inputs, along with information on the site.

Existing plans of the site and building are reviewed.

If no existing plans are available a survey of boundaries, buildings, other structures, vegetation, levels, services and views etc would be carried out and a site plan then drawn up.

Concept planning.

This stage is to communicate design ideas or the vision to the client.

A concept design is prepared and drawn up to illustrate the integration of all the elements and activities required to fulfil the brief and to best take advantage of the sites opportunities. This is presented as a preliminary draft plan to the client. Following feedback from the client the plan may be revised or fine tuned before (or until) it is accepted as an approved concept plan. This is often followed by the preparation of construction estimates to give a budget figure for the project.

Contract Documentation (Detailed Drawing)

This stage involves the preparation of drawings and specifications, elaborating on the concept plan to communicate the details of the project to the various contractors involved.

Plans may also be required by local authorities where consents are necessary. These plans will include:

Construction Details – drawings of earthworks, drainage, hard paved surfaces and various landscape structures, small buildings, swimming pool, walls, pergolas etcPlanting Details – plans setting out the location and species of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants to be plantedSpecifications – The Specifications are the written documents that provide contractors with the scope of work to be undertaken and specific instructions relating to the various trades that will be involved. It is not uncommon to have up to a dozen trades involved in any one project.

For projects where the work is put out to tender, thorough contract documentation is essential to ensure tenderers are pricing the same scope and quality of work.


Project (Contract) Management

Tenders are called, prices for the project are submitted, and a contractor is selected. Any building consents are obtained from the local authority.

Contract works are managed by regular meetings at which the progress of work is recorded along with various decisions agreed to vary or clarify details in the contract documents.

Payment claims are checked as they are received from the contractor and verified before being certified for payment.

Some clients will want all of the above services, from initial briefing through to completion and this may be staged over several years for large projects. Other less complex projects my only need a concept plan or advice on planting. Our level of service can be flexible to meet these varying needs.

Keywords: Contract Documentation