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By: John Bishop  05-Apr-2012

Journalists and PR people often don't like or trust each other. Journalists often move into PR, but the modern PR person typically doesn't have experience as a journalist.

For many years I have been both an active journalist (NBR and magazines) and have worked as a PR person as well. To keep the ethical lines straight, I don't write about my clients and I can't publish information I have obtained from clients.

I learned about PR at Consultus, practised it, and learned heaps more about corporate communications at the Tourism Board, at Ogilvy & Mather, ECNZ and at Aetna Health.

I have won several international and domestic awards for PR work.

Now as an independent consultant, I work in media relations, issues management and communications management. This overlaps with my training activities. I write regularly about PR and the media for the National Business Review and on my own blog. You can sign up for an RSS feed which will send these stories to you as they are posted, and you can take part in the online discussions.

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Sometimes a facilitator can help people solve problems and reach agreements, but it's always the client's call how much input a facilitator should have. Being an MC at a grand event is fun too, but it is a different beast altogether, and calls for quite a different set of speaking skills. The participants have to share their views; that may mean some encouragement, some prodding, and sometimes even some interrogation.