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By: John Bishop  05-Apr-2012

Sometimes a facilitator is a referee, but more often it's about being a guide, the person who keeps the process on track. Sometimes a facilitator can help people solve problems and reach agreements, but it's always the client's call how much input a facilitator should have. I am happy to unpack issues and to probe, to suggest ways forward and to let the discussion move through the options to reach a conclusion.

I find panel discussions are fun to do, and useful for the audiences too. The participants have to share their views; that may mean some encouragement, some prodding, and sometimes even some interrogation.

Being an MC at a grand event is fun too, but it is a different beast altogether, and calls for quite a different set of speaking skills.

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I learned about PR at Consultus, practised it, and learned heaps more about corporate communications at the Tourism Board, at Ogilvy & Mather, ECNZ and at Aetna Health. To keep the ethical lines straight, I don't write about my clients and I can't publish information I have obtained from clients. For many years I have been both an active journalist (NBR and magazines) and have worked as a PR person as well.