Quality, Natural, Hair and Body Products for Men

By: Joe Grooming  06-Dec-2011

Combining a core complex of organic and natural ingredients. JOE GROOMING™ blends olive oil, ginseng, ginger, gingko biloba and soy proteins to cleanse, refresh, mosturize and strengthen the hair.

JOE GROOMING™ shampoos also contain a specially formulated cleansing system that contains nutrients to stimulate, exfoliate and regenerate cell growth for a healthy scalp. Our conditioning system works to maintain the hair’s moisture balance and a healthy shine while imparting natural ingredients that won’t weigh hair down or congest the scalp.In addition, JOE GROOMING™ styling products posssess their own unique complex blend of natural ingredients and do not cause dryness or lead to product build up.

“Grooming Compound is an excellent paste to work with because it gives me the control, texture and just enough shine I need for styling my client's hair.”

Anthony Miner
The Wayne Brady Show

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thickening shampoo

JOE’s exclusive formula with organic barley & hops literally thickens each strand without making hair dry or brittle. As the average male begins to reach maturity, the diameter of his hair will become thinner and weaker. The addition of soy proteins strengthen the hair shaft and impart a healthy shine.


Quality, Organic, Hair and Body Products for Men

By eliminating the ammonium and sodium sulfates that cause irritation to sensitive & problem scalps, we’ve created one of the most gentle shampoo formulas you’ll ever find. Even the shampoo scent is based with natural, essential oils to soothe and clarify.


Quality, Natural, Hair and Body Products for Men - daily conditioner

Step two in JOE’s two-part cleansing and toning system for maintaining moisture balance while imparting a healthy shine without weighing hair down. Our complex of natural and organic ingredients offers scalp therapy by stimulating circulation and adding strength to the hair.