Restoration Cleaning

By: Jetx Waterblasting  06-Dec-2011

This is an area in which Jetx excels.

Jetx has developed restoration cleaning techniques which are exclusive to us. These techniques consists of the most gentles means possible. This improves appearance and retards deterioration.

We can remove moss, dirt, paint, from most surfaces without damaging the substratum (the surface underneath) i.e. no damage to Oamaru Stone after cleaning.

Jetx has cleaned and restored many Historical - Church Sites, Schools, Landmark Buildings and important Statues.

Preferred contractor to "Historic Places Trust".

Completed "Introduction to Building Conservation" by David Young, Heritage Consultant, Canberra, Australia

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Other products and services from Jetx Waterblasting


Steam Cleaning

JetX would use Steam Cleaning in the removal of oil from concrete, clean down of plant and equipment, removal of ice from cold stores and cleaning of milk plants. JetX has several Mobile Steam Cleaning plants ranging from 0 - 6000 psi. Steam Cleaning is used when Waterblasting may not be as effective.



If you ring us the night before or early in the morning there could be a good chance we will be able to get one of our units out to you almost instantly. Providing a quality service has always been the number one aim of Jetx. On many occasion we can offer a same day service. We offer fast professional services.



Domestic Homes - Fences, Pathways, Drives, Cobblestones, Decks, Swimming Pools, House Walls and Roofs. Multi Story Buildings - Hard Blast for pre paint preparation Detergent Wash to remove grime build up. Factories/Warehouses - Pre paint clean or Detergent Wash.


Detergent Washing

The detergent used also has a moss inhibiter which has a residual effect and helps to keep the surface clean for a longer period of time. JetX provides a detergent wash system which removes moss, oxidised paint and grime from most surfaces. Detergent washing should be carried out very 18 months to prevent the break down of paint. This is done at a low pressure and with extreme care.


Other Services

Moss Treatment - we offer instant moss kill,which kills moss in 5 minutes and a long-term moss retardant which has a 5 year life. Drain Cleaning - we offer a service to clean domestic sewer and storm water drains.