By: Jenquip  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Engineering Solutions

Forestry Equipment. 
We are operating a research and development program for pruning equipment. This us a commercially sensitive project so I cannot give specific details at this stage. Operating a farm forestry venture, we are also involved with the whole range of forestry equipment available in New Zealand.

Engineering, agriculture and hydraulic innovations. 
My background is in these fields and over the  years I have been involved with many successful projects in this country. We take a customers requirements and develop working concepts. If required we produce working prototypes. Further production can also be arranged.

Engineering solutions.
For factories and process lines. Problems can arise in plant efficiency, quality control, or breakdowns. We can analyse the problem, suggest realistic solutions and if necessary over see their implementation.

Keywords: Engineering Solutions

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For feed budgeting when rotational grazing; measure the average height of the pasture allowing for density. Other models of plate meters, storage tubes, all weather notebooks and pasture management software.