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By: Jasch  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Coating Thickness Gauge, Non-Contact Measurement, Paper Qcs and Gauges,




Jasch Paper QCS & Gauge (BTG-3000 PP).

Paper QCS and gauges for all types of paper and board Industries e.g. pulp, tissue, cardboard etc., for measurement of basis weight, moisture percentage and ash weight in continuous scan mode along with control system.

Jasch Coating Thickness Gauge (XRF-3000).

Coating thickness gauge is a perfect solution for optimizing zinc consumption at any steel coating line for industrial measurements with coil report analysis. Through out the line trend and value displays along with control feedback of both sides separately for Level 2 interface.

Jasch Thickness Gauge (BTG-3000).

Maintenance free metal thickness gauges giving deviation control outputs at high speed (1600 mpm) within 50 mSec response time with accuracy of ± 0.1%. Options also available for remote control operations along with comprehensive coil reports.

Jasch Plastic Thickness Gauge (BTG-3000 P).

Plastic thickness gauge display and control thickness for cross web, machine direction profiles along with trends, product recipe and roll reports. SPC charts are also available as an option.

All products are for industrial non-destructive and non-contact measurement purposes. Thickness gauge, coating gauge, paper gauge, plastic thickness gauge with coil reports.

Keywords: Coating Thickness Gauge, Non-Contact Measurement, Paper Qcs and Gauges, Thickness Gauge,

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Paper QCS and Gauges BTG3000 PP

The measurement is based on the principle that when infrared light passes through or is reflected by a paper sheet, it is preferentially absorbed at very specific wavelengths by the water in the sheet, more so than fibber or other sheet components. Jasch develop and manufacture measurement and control systems to improve the quality of production on paper machines and bring cost reduction and productivity increase to operations.


Jasch - Thickness Gauge (BTG3000

Thickness gauge is a non-contact and non-destructive thickness gauge measurement systems to check the quantity measurement of the material on rolling mills, coating and paint lines and bring cost reduction and productivity increase to operations. The deviations from preset target values are instantly detected allowing immediate corrections to the production process to maintain uniform thickness.


Jasch - Coating Thickness Gauge XRF3000

The display on the screen allows the operator to have access to all the measuring system features via an user friendly operator control interface thus assuring easy operation. These two measuring heads give highly accurate coating weight measurement corresponding to top & bottom of the zinc coatings applied on base steel strip. The system uses X-Ray florescence based two measuring heads coupled along with ionization chamber detector units.


Plastic thickness gauge and QCS (BTG3000 P

For cross-web direction control the scanned profile is divided into zones equal to number of die bolts as per APC The set point deviation for each zone is determined based on which corrective signals are applied to the corresponding die bolts by adjusting their heating power.