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By: Janehenry Merino  05-Apr-2012

A Reference to the Past

Woven, knitted, squares, stripes, plaids, lace and cables…choose from our range of classic designer merino scarves and shawls. Our woven scarves are super soft and naturally coloured, meaning that no dyes are needed to create our unique shades and patterns. Both Will and Henry supply fibre for these products from their farms.

An eco-dye range of knitted shawls and scarves has now been introduced. Demand for colours outside our natural range had begun to emerge, and in response to this we have made every effort to use the safest eco-dyeing processes available in New Zealand. These garments are clearly labelled, to distinguish them from our naturally coloured scarves and shawls, and the white merino fibre chosen for this exciting new range is the finest quality available anywhere in the world, all of it sourced from Henry’s farm. 

Each Jane Henry garment is presented in a recycled and recyclable card storage box, complete with the story about its origin. It is easy to post, making an ideal New Zealand souvenir or gift for a friend, family or business associate.

Caring for Jane Henry Merino

To retain the natural qualities of our wool we choose not to chemically finish our  garments. This means our scarves and shawls have not had shrink resist treatments applied and only the woven scarves may be machine washed, so you will need to take a little bit of care to keep them looking their best. 

Woven Scarf

Gently hand wash ( preferably using a small amount of organic wool wash in luke-warm water) and dry on a flat surface out of the sun. Steam press to finish.

If you choose to use your washing machine, select the gentlest cycle available. Alternatively it may be dry cleaned.

Knitted Scarf or Shawl

More delicate than the woven garments, our knitted scarves and shawls must be very gently hand washed. It is best to place them in a stocking, soak for 20 minutes in lukewarm water with a little wool wash and then twist the stocking to squeeze out the excess moisture. Rinse if necessary in the same way. Dry on a flat surface out of the sun being careful not to stretch out of shape.Do not machine wash.

Other products and services from Janehenry Merino


janehenry.co.nz - Woven Scarves

The traditional weaving process allows for bold and striking patterns as well as more subdued contrasts but all our colours blend beautifully into these stylish yet timeless pieces. They are silky and soft to handle, drape beautifully and any wrinkling disappears as if by magic due to the natural elasticity of merino fibre. Our naturally coloured merino fibre is shown to perfection in our range of woven scarves.


janehenry.co.nz - Baby Shawls

Because they are made from a pure, sustainably grown, natural fibre, they are ideal for wrapping your baby when they are out and about or snuggled in bed. Merino has special natural qualities allowing it to draw moisture away from the body while at the same time ensuring an even body temperature. All are knitted in our baby basket-weave pattern but can be made in either diamond lace or classic lace on request.


janehenry.co.nz - Knitted Scarves and Wraps

Traditional factory where they are knitted is staffed by craftsmen and women who take the time and care to translate our design ideas into a sophisticated and timeless end-product. Always generous in sizing, sumptuously soft and warm, these are garments to be cherished, enhancing fashion through spring, autumn and winter for any age group.