Have Your Say on the Regional Council Long Term Plan

By: Jane Nees  05-Apr-2012

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council has signed off on its Ten Year Plan for public consultation.  The development of the plan began over a year ago and there have been many workshops and meetings along the way and much discussion and debate. We looked at regional aspirations and the outcomes that Council should be seeking on behalf of its community. We considered significant growth and demand assumptions, and issues and options for the main areas that Council works in.  Key activities like passenger transport; Tauranga Harbour programmes; cleaning up the Rotorua Lakes and Rotorua air; regional economic development; and sustainable water and land management were reviewed and future direction decided. 

  Much as we would have liked a zero rate increase, this would see the region go backwards and we wanted to continue making progress towards a sustainable future.   This has meant cost increases to a level which allows us to take further positive steps forward in caring for the environment.

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The Bay of Plenty’s environment, including coastal areas, wetlands, lakes, rivers, and their margins, historic heritage features, outstanding natural features and landscapes, indigenous plants and animals, and natural habitats. The purpose of the fund is to assist regional organisations and community groups by providing financial and technical support for projects whose primary purpose is to directly promote.


Refocussing Local Government - JANE NEES

They will be replaced by the responsibility to provide “good quality local infrastructure, public services and regulatory functions at the least possible cost to households and business”. I absolutely support provision of the various functions of local government to a good quality standard at the least possible cost so that our community receives real value for money.


Call for Careful Consideration over Change

There are changes in the wind for resource management and local government legislation – the perceived failure of some councils to hold costs in the face of expanding responsibilities and manage resources such as water and will certainly lead to stronger direction from central government. Lots of people are getting excited about the prospect of local government reform.