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By: Jakepearce  06-Dec-2011

This video is a great example of how Generation C’s desire for control presents internal political and cultural challenges for corporates  as much as external ones.

You will see that Aisha overcomes some of these challenges very skilfully.  Yet the key issue that Frucor and many other organisations haven’t fully addressed is Generation C’s requirement for involvement which demands companies engage directly with their customers rather than using more traditional methods of  ’push’ comms like traditional advertising. This creates a key question – who should ‘own’ the relationship with the customer – the company, an agency or a social platform?

Generation C demand authenticity and direct engagement. Corporates simply aren’t equipped anymore to do that – they don’t have a ‘brand engagement department’. As a result many corporates think that ‘engagement’ means – doing a good film competition once a year, allowing people to post pictures and asking market research question of their database. This isn’t enough.

Frucor has taken bold steps re. engagement – and this video shows how hard it is for corporates to come to terms with this ‘new world.’

So – youth marketing is facing the same difficulty as any other sector wanting to appeal to Generation C –  the struggle of letting go of control.

Key messages from the video are:

  • It’s critical that organisations find authentic ways to engage with customers
  • The republic of V – was the foundation for V to find a new way to engage
  • The republic of V – is an example of how corporates need to have the courage to ‘experiment’ to ‘find their feet’ in relation to new media
  • TV ads are still important as they serve as a way for the ‘mainstream’ to remain aware of the brand
  • Senior Management need to take the time to understand the world of Generation C or – they risk making decisions that are comfortable for the corporate but not the market they serve.

So – what’s the smartest marketing strategies you have seen that work for Generation C? Let us know!

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Generation C : - generation c

I identified that Connectors are only half of the picture when it comes to broadcasting a message – you also need Conductors,which I define in overview. We had Christmas and defined the map of human networks as looking like an airport with particular strong hubs of influence that are irregularly placed. I broke down the four types of Conductors briefly to start to understand how they can influence people – naturally including Generation C.


Trends :

We in advertising love things in boxes…it’s incredibly dangerous with Gen C it’s the fringes that are important…you see wave after wave of new ideas coming forward and it scares people witless… Marketing will move to be more like jazz and less like precise orchestral piece.. This week (video of 3 mins 55 seconds) we are looking at how to use these links to speed the passage of information and what that means for us a marketeers.


Podcasts :

The implications of GenC are, in our view profound – it means in the future people will have a both psychographic generation and a demographic one – in other words, DUAL PASSPORTS. GenC – digital natives – is a psychograpic generation (like gen-i) and it is growing as people get into living digitally. Generations – It goes Boomers, Gen X and then gets as confusing as drunken bird song.


Generation C :

In this video I identify and explain the difference between Connectors and what I call Conductors and why the latter are critical in solving how to influence Generation C – namely, adopted or born ageless digital natives. Well, Generation C is a psychographic, ageless generation which is typified by a love of the digital media and a desire for control in the digital environment.