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By: Jabber  06-Dec-2011

This morning the jabber.org admin team installed a new build of M-Link provided by Isode. This build addresses the major issues we’ve had over the last month or so.

First, communication between Google Talk and jabber.org appears to be fixed. We can’t promise that you’ll never experience any difficulties chatting with your Google Talk friends, but the previous problem (lagged and in some cases lost messages) has been solved.

Second, the old legacy SSL port 5223 is working again, enabling you to connect using most older clients (e.g., iChat on Tiger) as well as various “crippled” clients that still don’t support STARTTLS on port 5222 (e.g., mobile clients like QIP and SIM). We will continue to encourage developers of those clients to add STARTTLS support and we reserve the right to turn off port 5223 at some point in the future, but we probably won’t do so until platforms like OS X Tiger and KDE 3 have been end-of-lifed.

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Today I hit the move button to move jabber.co.nz to its’ new serverI’ve changed transports from py-transports to spectrum, so hopefully things will work a bit better, plus the server is bigger better fast. Downtime should be limited to DNS ttl. Let me know if anything is awry.


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I discovered I was “mixing and matching” storage options on the jabber service. With my current config I should be able to support 000?s of concurrent users.. I went through and cleaned up my config and haven’t had a complaint so far. I had some memory issues with only 5 online users ….


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Some of the changes we’ve made are “behind the scenes” (better work processes for monitoring the service in real time, rotating logs to prevent a full disk on our server machine, etc.) so you won’t immediately notice them, but they are definitely improving reliability. For reasons that we and Isode still don’t fully understand, memory usage slowly increases after a restart, causing the server run out of memory on the machine.