Moko - Welcome to Iwi Creations

By: Iwi Creations  05-Apr-2012

The term Moko is associated commonly with tattoo design. However moko can have other meanings such as friend or grandchild. Our moko range of patterns are more understated and tend to accent certain parts of the leg or ankle.

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Size Guide:  Average  < 170cm  < 70kg     Tall 

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Mangopare - Welcome to Iwi Creations

Mangopare styled designs are common throughout Maori kowhaiwhai rafter patterns and therefore represent the aforementioned qualities. The fighting attributes of or staunch resistance qualities of the creature when caught were greatly admired by Maori. This design draws its inspiration form the hammerhead shark.


Koru - Welcome to Iwi Creations

While this element is often associated with our national airline, koru or piko are basic bent or curved elements fundamental to the composition of Maori kowhaiwhai design. In this instance we have used it to create a complex sequence of design. Size Guide: Average < 170cm < 70kg Tall.