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By: Iweb Technologies  06-Dec-2011
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Dedicated Storage Offers

Do you need to access your data from numerous servers ? From single storage servers to complex SAN-based solutions, iWeb is able to provide and support a wide range of storage infrastructures to meet your most demanding needs. All these solutions are completely dedicated to you and not shared with other customers.

Dedicated Single Storage Server

In a multiple web server environment, your web server applications (apache, IIS), may need to write and read files on the same specific device.

Because it's not possible to replicate data across multiple web servers in real time, having a server whose only role is to hold this information is the first option to data consistency in your infrastructure.

With a dedicated storage server, your web servers will be accessing these information trough the samba or nfs protocol on a local network making it a NAS (Network Attached Storage).

A single storage server with 1TB usable data in a RAID5 configuration (3 X 500GB drives) can be ordered from $299 per month.

Dedicated Redundant Storage Servers

A step ahead in redundancy and high availability in an infrastructure is to have 2 redundant storage servers. Both servers will be configured in the same local network with a shared IP address.

With this setup, if ever one of the two is defective or unavailable, you will still have access to your data. We can customize these setups either under Linux (DRDB) or Windows environments (DFS).

This setup can be ordered from $599/month with 1TB of usable capacity (3 X 500GB drives on each server).

Talk to our experts to get a fully customize server based on your data needs.

Dedicated Storage Area Network (SAN)

Do you need unified and I/O intensive storage for your databases? The dedicated SAN is the solution for you.

Relying on 1Gbps dedicated network connectivity and the iSCSI protocol, the SAN is the perfect device to access unified data across multiple database servers.

This configuration allows high performance and also simple use because the SAN storage is seen as one local volume on each of these servers.

Let us evaluate your storage needs and we will make sure to fulfill you needs depending on the level of scalability, redundancy and performance you require.

Features and options

Additional Backup and Storage Services

  • iWeb’s backup servers, powered by R1Soft Continuous Data Protection, offer the ideal backup management solution. With its user friendly web-based control panel, low resource usage and ease of use, iWeb’s backup servers take backups to another level.

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Keywords: Servers

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Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Hosting; Infrastructure Design, Overview of DDoS Protection

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