ITAV - IP Television (IPTV

By: Itav  06-Dec-2011

IPTV as it is more commonly known, is Television that is distributed via the Internet Protocol (IP).

Combining the AMX range of IPTV products in conjunction with AMX signage players and controllers, ITAV delivers a powerful mix of content delivery and associated media to provide the functionality for viewing video 'on demand'.

With AMX products such as 'Vision2' for larger systems, and the 'DTV' product range for smaller localised systems, ITAV can deliver a customised approach to IPTV for your organisation, and integrate with all other AMX systems within the building.

ITAV can provide standalone audiovisual networks (over copper or fibre depending on requirements and budget) to deliver IP Streaming solutions. These solutions have almost no limitations to the viewing of media and content where and when it is required.  Providing a dedicated network also avoids any key requirements or potential limitations within the customers core network and keeps the IPTV network traffic separate from critical IT systems, which is an important demarcation.

Other products and services from Itav


ITAV - Solutions

ITAV provides solutions that cover the complete lifecycle of a project including needs analysis, detailed system schematics, cabling & containment, power, data and lighting schedules, project management, integration, testing, commissioning & training. We provide expert advice, knowledge and skills, analysis and interpretation, all backed by proven experience in delivering a common sense approach to each customer's specific requirements.


ITAV - AV Integration

AV Integration has many components that come together to simplify the end users experience while seamlessly merging audiovisual and IT technologies as demonstrated in the video clip above. The varied technologies installed within an AV solution can be brought together with all aspects of these systems monitored via a centralised management system called â??RMSâ??.


ITAV - Digital Signage

Known by many names such as Point of Sale Advertising, Interactive Kiosks, Public Displays and Digital Signage, is fast becoming one of the most important message distribution mediums in today's world of information technology. These message boards can allow for the allotment of 'space', which can then be shared between cost centres providing a value-added return on your investment in this technology.


ITAV - Consultancy

Documentation services cover the complete lifecycle including needs analysis, concept design drawings, detailed system schematics, cabling and containment schedules, power, data and lighting schedules, project management, testing, commissioning and handover documents.


ITAV - Wayfinding

This also means that any updates from changes to the staff register will automatically be updated on the Wayfinding System therefore providing a long-term solution without the need for constant programming updates. Using the power of AMX Control Systems, ITAV has written customised software that integrates a companyâ??s active directory or SQL databases so people and room data can be searched and located easily.