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By: It Nexus  06-Dec-2011

The aim of SME Services is to monitor and proactively maintain, secure, and support your IT systems to avoid failures, minimize downtime and increase availability and productivity. This is achieved through a triple pronged approach.

Firstly we move towards upgrading your existing system to one that achieves a certain productivity and performance level. The second phase involves the ongoing proactive monitoring and maintenance of your system to ensure that this performance level is constant. The third phase is more holistic in nature and involves monthly reporting and quarterly meetings to discuss your overall IT needs.

The process is as follows:

  • When you sign up for one of our service plans, we perform an audit of your IT systems. Accordingly, we will provide you with a report of any recommended upgrades or issues that must be addressed immediately. This is a very important step simply because, unlike the Break-Fix model, our duty is to lift your systems performance to a satisfactory and productive level and maintain it at that level.
  • After the above initial phase, we will hook up your network and servers to our monitoring and management infrastructure to start monitoring your systems 24/7 and resolve issues remotely with minimum or no disruption to your business.
  • The alerts raised by our monitoring systems are logged automatically into our job management system for immediate action and resolution to maintain system stability and high performance. If you are on a Full Support plan, we will act immediately without notifying, unless a notification is deemed necessary for one reason or another. If you are on other plans then we will immediately notify you and take action accordingly.
  • When the job is assigned to one of our engineers, he or she will contact the customer to remotely deliver the support. If that is not possible then an engineer will be dispatched to customer’s site to resolve the issue. In some cases we might need to transfer the hardware to one of our workshops for further support.
  • The monthly maintenance is always prescheduled and the customer gets contacted in advance to confirm the scheduled date. If the specified date is not suitable then the maintenance can be rescheduled. In some circumstances, additional or some of the prescheduled maintenance tasks could need to be performed earlier than scheduled due to alerts raised by our monitoring system.
  • We will provide you with a monthly System Health and Incident report and arrange a quarterly meeting to discuss our service delivery performance and any other issues that needs addressing. We will also arrange for a yearly meeting to assist you on issues such as budgeting and planning for your IT needs.

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IT NEXUS :: SME Services - sme services

However, due to many small organisations either not having access to reliable technological help, or avoiding the use of external technology help due to cost concerns – the possibility of running an expensive IT ‘tab’ - many do not receive the necessary service response. We believe that the SME sector of the business community has similar technical concerns and deserve the same level and quality of services that many large organisations have.


IT NEXUS :: SME Services - sme services benefits

Greater Availability and Technical Expertise: SME Services with its subscription based model enables us to accurately budget and employ the right number of engineers with the right mix of technical expertise resulting in better customer satisfaction. The integration of SME Services within your business infrastructure delivers many benefits to your organisation – from a decrease in IT costs to an increase in business productivity.


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IT NEXUS :: SME Services - sme services plans

Covers the cost of asset management, ongoing auditing, monthly reports, quarterly and annual meetings, administration, and 24/7 monitoring of the network and servers. This plan covers the cost of monthly maintenance on a network, servers and desktops in addition to the cost covered by the On-Demand plan. Maintenance, support, and projects are performed as needed and charged at a discounted hourly rate.


IT NEXUS :: SME Services - sme services services

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