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By: It Nexus  06-Dec-2011

We offer the following plans to suit your IT needs:


Covers the cost of asset management, ongoing auditing, monthly reports, quarterly and annual meetings, administration, and 24/7 monitoring of the network and servers. Maintenance, support, and projects are performed as needed and charged at a discounted hourly rate.


This plan covers the cost of monthly maintenance on a network, servers and desktops in addition to the cost covered by the On-Demand plan. Support and projects are performed as needed and charged at a discounted hourly rate.

Full Support

This plan includes a fixed monthly support fee in addition to the cost covered by the Maintenance plan. Projects are performed as needed and charged at a further discounted hourly rate.

Our minimum recommendation is the Maintenance plan. This is simply because systems must be maintained and overall the costs are less when paid for as part of the subscription fee than by hourly rates.

The next plan up not only helps you get all the support you need without worrying about the time it takes but is also cheaper than paying for support at an hourly rate.

The On-Demand plan has been designed for:

  1. Small offices that seek more than just reactive hourly IT support, but are not yet comfortable with a dedicated and fully managed IT service plan.
  2. Small organizations with limited budgets that do not meet the requirements for IT Nexus’s SME Service, but still want access to IT Nexus’s high levels of customer service and experienced team of technicians.
  3. Larger customers that want the added resources of IT Nexus’s IT professionals and state of the art remote monitoring & management tools to supplement their internal IT department.

If your previous IT support experiences have been poor, expensive, unsuccessful, or your organization has limited IT needs, this flexible plan is guaranteed to ease frustrations around IT support delivery. This plan will give your business the critical IT support you need while allowing you to maintain control over your spending and usage.

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IT NEXUS :: SME Services - sme services

However, due to many small organisations either not having access to reliable technological help, or avoiding the use of external technology help due to cost concerns – the possibility of running an expensive IT ‘tab’ - many do not receive the necessary service response. We believe that the SME sector of the business community has similar technical concerns and deserve the same level and quality of services that many large organisations have.


IT NEXUS :: SME Services - sme services benefits

Greater Availability and Technical Expertise: SME Services with its subscription based model enables us to accurately budget and employ the right number of engineers with the right mix of technical expertise resulting in better customer satisfaction. The integration of SME Services within your business infrastructure delivers many benefits to your organisation – from a decrease in IT costs to an increase in business productivity.


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If you engage iLookDesign as your designers, you will receive work of the highest quality. Hosting companies rent space on these machines.


IT NEXUS :: SME Services - sme services services

Install, Reinstall, and Upgrade Exchange Server Application. Diagnose and Repair Router, Firewall, and VPN Settings. Diagnose and Repair Operating System Settings Issues. Check Server and Workstation Hardware Configuration. Check and Apply Operating System Security Updates. Switches, Routers, and Firewalls Availability. Check File Shares and Permission Settings.


IT NEXUS :: SME Services - sme services process

We will hook up your network and servers to our monitoring and management infrastructure to start monitoring your systems 24/7 and resolve issues remotely with minimum or no disruption to your business. We will provide you with a monthly System Health and Incident report and arrange a quarterly meeting to discuss our service delivery performance and any other issues that needs addressing.