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By: It Focus  06-Dec-2011

is premier online auction and catalog solution for small to medium size enterprises. We specialise in delivering catalog management systems for products and services on the Internet. Our solution is based on mitigating some of the issues faced by the industry:

  • Cost of developing and maintaining a web site.
  • Lack of IT-skilled personnel.
  • Technically too complicated.

was designed according to the current market requirements. We deliver a comprehensive set of features that are classified into two areas, client and administration. The client area focuses on presenting and servicing your customers as a front-store on the web while the administration area enables you to fully maintain your online catalog.

  • You can access all your products and catalogs from a web browser on the internet, 24-hours-7-days a week.
  • Run online auctions of your products within the same site.
  • You can setup various catalogs and products using our easy-to-use web form designed in spreadsheet-like format.
  • Effective dates may be set on the following items, Catalog, Category, Products, Prices and Menu Links.
  • In building your catalog, you have the option to maintain multiple prices for products based on effective dates and price groups.
  • You have the option to use one of the pre-designed catalog layouts or to consult us for a customised look-and-feel.
  • You can track all your e-commerce orders and process them individually.
  • You can offer multiple payment options e.g. Credit Card, Payment On Pickup or On Account.
  • You can setup freight charges for various destinations and by total cart weight.
  • You can design your own homepage using your favourite tool and upload it to the site.
  • You can upload images for your products from your local computer. The upload process will automatically create the thumbnail view of the image also.
  • You can monitor the performance of your catalogs through product hit counts up to 3 months.
  • Your customers have direct access to your the latest products and prices anytime of the day.
  • Your customers have quick access to the different catalogs and products through an intuitive navigation menu.
  • Your customers are equipped with a search facility to find the required product.
  • Your customers can enjoy a shopping cart facility.
  • Your customers can check the status of their orders.
  • You can setup up a message forum with your own topics and apply an effective date on each topic. Each of the posted messages can be edited or deleted from the administration area.

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