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*The sensational new KNOWBODY top (available in running and bike designs) which will provide HR, HR zones, skin temp, calories, respiration rate, ventilatory thresh hold, GPS-imap my ride/run/Twitter/Fbk integration and complete VELO sensor integration with power,cadence etc stay tuned for June 30th, 2011.

This original iRULE Turbo Merino top powered by Zephyr Technology bio-sensors and Twisted Citrus software innovation gathers your physiological performance data in real-time and sends it via Bluetooth to your mobile phone that you wear in your iRULE MOTUS, SUPERMOTUS or WHISTLERS. You send this data from your phone to Facebook with the push of a button. You can use the Facebook application to manage your training history, make notes about your sessions, share your training with friends, notify friends when you finish a session or event and view your data in clear, concise graphic form.

SPUTNIK collects your heart rate, strides and cadence, distance covered and changes in speed. These attributes then form the basis of a comprehensive set of statistical calculations on Facebook for you.

You can set up your Facebook-SPUTNIK system yourself simply and quickly; you can define (and alter) your training goals, determine who looks at your data, invite friends, notify friends when you have uploaded a session or finished an event, create training diary notes about each session or event and keep a close eye on performance trends with SPUTNIK graphs.

The SPUTNIK top itself integrates a featherweight series of bio sensors from Zephyr Technology which have a small connector for you to place your coin sized lozenge shaped Bluetooth transmitter.

The transmitter relays real time data from your top including heart rate, cadence, distance and speed. This data is collected by your mobile phone in your iRULE knicks/strides which allows you to record the session and upload it over GPRS to the SPUTNIK software application on Facebook.

To make the most of your SPUTNIK top you need a Facebook account, our mobile software and a mobile phone with GPRS,J2ME, Bluetooth 2.0 capabilities and a data plan with your telco provider. Check with us before hand; we can provide you with the mobile software for free to download.

We have worked hard to provide compression for your training and event session files that get uploaded to SPUTNIK on Facebook to minimse data costs.

The transmitter needs to be kept charged ( as does your mobile phone!).

The SPUTNIK top comes with concise simple and compact documentation including online help for mobile and Facebook explaining use, troubleshooting and warranties for the sensors and the charger.

You can also SKYPE írule-sputnik-support’and join the Facebook Group of the same name for support.

When you purchase the top, you will be given a URL to go to that allows you to download the SPUTNIK mobile phone software, establish your SPUTNIK-Facebook settings and grab your unique ID number for use with the phone so you can upload your sessions to Facebook.

All software upgrades are FREE.

SPUTNIK 4 Facebook has been tested on Firefox and IE 7.

NB JUSTTRY ME facility for this product limited to Australia and NZ only.

“Sputnik is a well designed simple to us app allowing runners with a smart comfortable and ergonomic SPUTNIK top to analyse, manage and share their running adventures with their friends.Love it.”

— Adrian Keough (AUS)

Ultimate winter long strides; warmth, performance, storage.


Elite multi-sport AR shorts/knicks for racing in summer heat


Top of the range AR & MS racing knicks


Lightweight merino-based LIVREZ hoody


Lightweight, gillet - weather vest


men's size guide (centimetres/inches)
Waist 74/29 79/31 84/33 91/36 102/39 107/42
Chest 89/35 94/37 102/39 107/42 114/45 122/48
Hips 89/35 94/37 102/39 107/42 114/45 122/48
Inseam 76/30 79/31 81/32 84/33 86/34 89/35
women's size guide (centimetres/inches)
XS (8) S (10) M (12) L (14) XL (16) XXL (18)
Waist 61/24 66/26 71/28 76/30 81/32 86/34
Chest 81/32 86/34 91/36 96/38 102/40 107/42
Hips 86/34 91/36 96/38 102/40 107/42 112/44
Inseam 71/28 74/29 76/30 79/31 81/32
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With its proven D-YOKEL maximal movement and support design aiding shoulder rotation and its T-BONE vent system pumping air through the SURGE is the paddler’s friend. A superbly crafted top optimised for paddling performance.



The chamois is particularly comfortable and the pockets are well located and just the right size for gels etc. that added bit of reflective tape is also worth its weight in gold, just cant have enough of that in winter riding. Nothing comes close for on-board storage with the practical and stylish Tri-Stash pocket system – 2 hefty ergoomically designed thigh pockets and the stealthy, sub-hip line zipped secure pocket at the rear.



Combining the outstanding attributes of Carvico’s Italian made "wet-look" REVOLUTIONAL fabric with the elegant and practical ergonomics of our design skill, the TEHO delivers performance enhancing comfort and protection for the trail runner. NB TEMP image – shop std images including 360 degree rotational view coming shortly.. Pour yourself into a pair of TEHO if you are serious about trail running.



The lightweight full rear chamois has been crafted using Hydrotex Chopper, providing the wearer with a windchill resistant, waterproof layer against the fabric’s seat outer breathability and a soft poly fleece inner layer. I will not compromise on comfort or quality in any aspect of racing or training and that’s why I’m an avid fan of I-Rule. Paddling knicks with design input from 5 time AVON Descent Winner and iRULE customer, Tim Doyle.