IONET Workflow Solution for Lotus Notes

By: Ionet Software  05-Apr-2012

Supports XPages & 8.5.3!

The Workflow Manager is a powerful, easy-to-use document-based workflow engine that works with any version of Notes/Domino from 6.5 upwards, including R8.5+ and XPages.

Supports any workflow, including


(i.e. multiple users allocated a document at the same time) and

workflows, with working examples provided.

Watch the Workflow Manager being installed, configured and executed in less than

5 minutes

in this

, or follow the Step-by-Step guides included in the


Save time and effort for your users and developers by using a consistent, professional and stable workflow design across your applications.


Key Features
  • Web and Notes enabled, i.e. both clients can use the same workflow at the same time.
  • Supports XPages, with working examples provided.
  • All workflow is based on documents that you can easily create & maintain - you don't need to create workflow in ANY design elements.
  • The Workflow Manager supports mobile devices (e.g. Blackberrys) taking part in the workflow, and is completely customisable by any developer, as you also get the source code.
  • You can allow users to circumvent standard workflow. For example to send documents back or forward out of the standard workflow.

At every stage of the workflow Application Managers (or Developers) can easily;

  • Create user buttons (Approve, Decline, Return For More Info etc).
  • Escalate documents by sending reminders, running agents, invoking new workflow and taking into account Weekends, Holidays and Business Hours.
  • Delegate access dynamically or automatically. For example if a document approver is on holiday or calls in sick. Delegation and approvers can be centrally controlled across multiple workflow-enabled databases.

and Developers can easily;

  • Calculate workflow based on field values (=, !=, <, >, contains etc), or values looked up in other databases.
  • Start workflow on other documents (e.g. Parent documents).
  • Create and start workflow on new documents (e.g. Child documents).
  • Validate fields, use "hide whens" etc.

Simple to install and use

) and that's it. The most difficult workflow applications become simple Notes applications - forms, fields and views as normal.

In addition, we give you as much assistance as you need for a successful implementation.


5. Client Workflow using the Workflow Manager

Watch a Database being workflow-enabled for Notes and XPages in less than

"The Workflow Manager is easy to implement and has a logical structure. We've implemented it in 5 databases (Products db, Activity db, etc..). It saved me and others a lot of time. Management can see the benefit of a good workflow. I hope (as Head of the Development Group) that we will implement it in about 75 databases the coming year" - Jaimy van der Spoel, AHKC Netherlands.

"With Workflow Manager I sense a willingness to communicate and work with me that I find shockingly refreshing. Really. I've wanted to purchase your product over some of the more established commercial Workflow systems just on the openness of your company, but add in the polish, versatility, and directness of Workflow Manager, plus it's reasonable price, and it became my top choice."

- William Peak, consultant to a Fortune 500 Company, US.

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