IONET Change Manager for Lotus Domino

By: Ionet Software  05-Apr-2012

Supports 8.5.3! What's the fastest way to solve a Domino problem?   Find out what changed.

The Change Manager for Domino provides change reporting, change management and change auditing for ALL Domino Server R6+ configuration and security settings (plus Registry Keys, ACLs, Log Entries, User Certification, User Sessions and Groups), as well as allowing Configuration Snapshots, Benchmarking, Server Configuration comparisons and Directory validation.



The Change Manager assists with Problem Solving and Quality Assurance of changes (especially if servers in your environment are maintained by multiple Administrators), and ITIL/SOX/Auditing Compliance.

For example, if John in London wants to modify mail routing, then Mary in New York can


the change before it's implemented. She can also approve it, return it for more information etc. Even if you choose not to enforce Change Control, Mary is still alerted to the change and can revert it before it causes any problems. If John later uses an agent to set an Agent Timeout field to 5 seconds, Mary is alerted to an unauthorised change, and can see that this might have caused the recent agent problems on that server.

The Change Manager differs from native Domino Monitoring by reporting on ANY change to Server configurations for R6 and above, including such diverse elements as Registry Keys, Server Configuration documents and Groups.

Key Features
  • Alerts and logs any changes made to the configuration and security settings of Domino servers. This allows easy problem solving (or ruling out Domino as a problem cause).
  • Provides Quality Control by allowing you to verify and approve configuration changes being made by other Administrators.
  • Enhances the security of your Domino environment by applying Change Control to Server Configurations and Groups.
  • Retains an audit trail of changes to your environment, as well as User Certification and Sessions.
  • Allows you to compare server configurations against your own Benchmarks.
  • Allows you to compare the configurations of different servers, regardless of Domain.
  • Allows you to compare Server NOTES.INIs line-by-line.
  • Allows you to validate Hub-Spoke topologies, e.g. ensure the Directory is the same on all servers.
  • Alerts you when servers are unavailable or not sending data.
  • Automatically installs and removes itself on remote servers.
  • Logs all successful actions and errors.

Key Functions
  • Specify which configuration elements to monitor, from Server Documents, Server Configuration Documents (incl. Mail Rules), Program Documents, Policies, ID Vaults, Web Configuration Documents, Groups, Connection Documents, Domain Documents, Database ACLs, Full Access Administration, Registry Keys, Log Entries, User Certification, User Sessions and Server NOTES.INIs.
  • Apply Change Control to Directory elements - approve changes before they're made.
  • Automatically create Change Reports and Alerts when any element is modified.
  • Create Benchmarks and compare servers against them, manually or on schedule.
  • Compare Server configurations (e.g. for all mail servers) in one place.
  • Compare NOTES.INI files line-by-line from different servers.
  • Allow validation of Spoke Server Directories against the Hub Directory.
  • Alert when servers cannot be contacted.

"The software is really doing it's job for us. We used to have lots of unidentified/unexplained changes, now we have none." - Walter Pidwarko, Lotus Notes Administrator, Hastings Deering (Australia) Ltd.

"I like the change logging. Now when something doesn't work and a programmer asks what changed, I can show them.."

- Norman Sprunger, Mennonite Mutual Aid, US.

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