IONET Archiver - Lotus Notes Archiving Solution. Archiving for Notes Domino Mail, Messaging, Applications and Quickr

By: Ionet Software  05-Apr-2012

Supports 8.5.3!

For maximum application efficiency, redundant data should be archived. This increases the application usability, speed, and effectiveness, while still making the data available if required (and without IT intervention, e.g. restores). It also increases the efficiency of housekeeping procedures, such as backups.

Manage this process easily with the IONET Archiver for Lotus Notes



and IBM

, supporting the Domino Messaging Server, Utility Server, and Enterprise Server.

The Archiver includes Profiles (apply Archive Criteria to multiple Directories, O/OU levels, Groups etc), Timing Functions (don't over-run your archiving window), Graphical Reporting, and Automatic Updating.


Learn more about the Archiver in the fantastic Notes resource Description

The Archiver automatically creates and maintains Archives for each eligible Production Database (Mail Files, any other Notes database, or IBM Quickr Places/Blogs/Wikis). At a scheduled time per day, it archives eligible data and performs maintenance tasks such as creating new Archives.

Each Database can inherit Archive Criteria & Settings from a Profile/s or individually, with multiple Criteria able to be controlled by the Database Owner or Administrator (you decide). For each Archive Criteria, you can archive the document, copy it, delete it, or simply remove attachments.

After the initial archiving has occurred, the Administrator can continue archiving the oldest or largest documents until the required database size is reached. In this way Administrators can enforce a maximum size for a database, but optionally allow the Database Owner to decide how it gets there.

All aspects of the Archiving process are controlled by the Administrator, Notes security is observed, and full backups can still be taken for off-site storage and Disaster Recovery.

The Archiver also fully supports iNotes, allowing users to use Referer Stubs, open Archives, search Production Databases & Archives simultaneously, restore data, and manually archive data.

Key Features
  • Automatic Setup & Operation, even Updating (the Archiver can update itself to fix bugs).
  • Profile driven for easy management of multiple users and databases.
  • Scalable to any size Organisation.
  • Transparent to Users.
  • Fully supports iNotes/DWA.
  • Archives any Notes database, including IBM Quickr.
  • Replace archived documents with stubs, or remove them - iNotes compatible.
  • Compression of attachments.
  • Drag/drop instant archiving.
  • Search production and archived data simultaneously, including via iNotes.
  • Data and functions available in either Local or Server-based mode.
  • Restrict user access to Archives for Compliance reasons (e.g. to Reader level).
  • Full Graphical Reporting.
  • Archive Speed up to 25GB/min.
  • DAOS compatible.
  • Notes Storage (NSF) based, so doesn't restrict choice of Backup or ECM solutions.

Key Functions
  • Automation of common tasks reduces hands-on administration, e.g. controlling Archiving via Profiles and automatically processing new matching databases (such as new databases in the 'mail' or 'LotusQuickr' directories).
  • Multiple customisation options allow a fine degree of control for the Administrator.
  • Specify a maximum Database size, and after normal archiving the Archiver will archive the oldest or largest documents until that size is reached.
  • Timing functions mean you won't exceed your allocated archiving timeframe.
  • Automatically apply Archiving options to user Mail Files.
  • Automatically disable and migrate Native Notes archive data and criteria.
  • Create and expire Archives when certain conditions are met, i.e. Archive Size > 100MB, or at the start of every Week/Month/Year.
  • Automated bug reporting and resolution.
  • User Operations can be translated, automated, and take place in the background.
  • Discovery Search Facility across Production & Archive databases.
Next Steps

"CB&I The Hague has evaluated the Symantec Enterprise Vault and EMC Mail Extender, with the Symantec system set up at CB&I for testing. Ultimately, the choice went for IONET Archiver for the following reasons;1. The price of the IONET Archiver is significantly lower.
2. The IONET Archiver implementation is fully reversible, which is also the case for archived email databases.
3. The implementation period for the IONET Archiver is much shorter and CB&I personnel can perform this task independently.
4. The Symantec EV cannot archive mail files where there is no matching person document in the name and address book. We use mail-in databases for projects because you do not have to pay IBM licenses. Mail-in databases cannot be archived with Symantec EV."

Harry Horning, CB&I, The Netherlands. Andrea Zardo, BPT S.p.A, Italy.

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