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Dr Neil Loftus

Founding Director, CEO and Chairman of Ironsands Offshore Mining.

Responsible for alignment of the company, internally and externally, with the boards strategic vision. Core duties include facilitating business outside of the company while guiding employees and other executive officers towards a central objective. Whilst maintaining a balance of internal and external initiatives to build a sustainable company.

Executive Chairman and founder of Pacific Offshore Mining Limited.

Dr Loftus has been a professional businessman and investor for ten years and has been involved with private equities, iron ore and gold trading.

He has high level management and directorial capabilities.

Dr Andre Homberg

Director and CFO.

Head of International Business development.

Management of investment, expenditure management and budget development in the company to ensure financial risks are managed and cash flow maintained. Familiarity with all international trade requirements and payment systems. Design and development of comprehensive sales and marketing strategies for international exports.

Doctor of Business Administration - Rushmore University, USA.

Master of Economics (Finance) - University of Western Australia.

Mr Ryan Wong

Director and COO. Being a non-mining related director, his views and opinions will provide valuable insight into the perception of those outside of the industry. A Malaysian but born and raised in Singapore, he holds a Masters in Civil Engineering from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. Mr. Wong has over 8 years in project management in the construction industry and has been a pioneer in embracing new materials, technology and environmentally friendly ideas in his projects. Mr. Wong's hands on approach ensures that he is well informed of his projects be it finance, planning, construction or even dispute resolutions. Age 33 .

Mr Lou Jelenich

Technical director.

Owner LFJ Consulting, Carbon steel Consultancy, Perth WA.

20 Years experience with BHP Billiton as Marketing and Sales Manager, Iron Ore.

Mr Anton Hoogendoorn

Anton is a mining engineer with over twenty years of experience in mining, dredging and project management. Anton holds a M.Sc. in mining engineering from Delft Technical University , The Netherlands. Anton previously worked for the mining firm Billiton International Metals and for the international dredging / marine contractor Van Oord. He has built up his own consultancy firm and specialises in project development / feasibility studies and concentrates on alluvial- and marine mining / dredging projects.

Over the years he has covered a wide spectrum of related activities ranging from exploration drilling, 3D modelling, geotechnical studies to work method selection including financial evaluation and risk studies. The last few years he has moved towards (technical) project management using his knowledge and experience to steer projects and studies into the right direction. Anton has project experience in various parts of the world; South East Asia, The Middle East and Europe.

Dr Ken Mildwaters

Ken Mildwaters read jurisprudence (B.Juris. (Hons)) and law (LL.B) at the University of Western Australia, Australia and law (Ph.D.) at the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy at the University of Dundee, Scotland.

He has advised on merger, acquisition and disposal (both public and private), takeover, IPO, placing, rights issue and other capital raising, privatization (both government and investor), public to private, venture capital, private equity, financing (senior debt, debt to equity, mezzanine and project), entity formation, structuring and restructuring, general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, European economic interest grouping (EEIG), unit trust, joint venture, consortium and strategic alliance, direct foreign investment (both government and investor) and international trade transactions.

He has advised on exploration, development, production, supply and sale activities in the oil, gas and minerals sectors; gas, coal and alternative source electrical power generation projects; gas pipeline and other natural resources sector related infrastructure projects; joint ventures, joint operating agreements, strategic alliances, licensing arrangements, farm-in and farm-out agreements, off-take and lifting agreements, royalty agreements, abandonment agreements, service agreements, transport agreements in the natural resources sector, the acquisition, disposal and financing of all or portions of interests in natural resource projects, entities involved in the natural resource sector, and natural resource assets; capital raising activities in the natural resources sector and direct foreign investment in the natural resources sector.

Alex Park

Offshore support vessel services in the Oil and Gas industry as a senior officer in locations varying from the North Sea, Africa and Middle East. Onshore positions in the marine sector managing various projects ranging from seismic survey projects in Libyan waters to large construction projects on the NW shelf of Australia and supporting various fields into production in New Zealand.

General Manager for Offshore Marine Services, New Zealand supplying marine solutions and man power to various New Zealand and international clients to see offshore projects like the Pohokura for Shell Todd Oil Services, Tui filed for AWE, Kupe field for Origin and the Marri field for OMV come into production.

Phil Evers

Principal Metallurgist. Phil Evers has responsibility for the metallurgical testwork and process development. Phil has a BSc (Tech) Mineral Processing Technology from the University of NSW. He has over 30 years experience in mineral processing including plant management, project development, process design and in recent years as a consultant metallurgist.

John Halkyard

My area of expertise would be Ocean Engineering and Program Management applied to deep ocean systems for production of hard minerals, oil & gas. I was technical lead for the Kennecott Exploration Consortium (KCON) between 1972 - 1980 with respect to Manganese Nodule mining system development. Under this program we successfully developed and tested mining machines for recovery of nodules from 4500 m water depths. My responsibilities between 1977 - 1980 also included Exploration, Resource Assessment, Mine Planning and the organization of a comprehensive technical and economic feasibility assessment which was conducted by Bechtel Corporations and Global Marine Development. In this capacity I investigated sites for processing of the nodules from Mexico to Canada.

From 1981 to the present I have been almost exclusively engaged in cutting edge developments for deepwater oil & gas projects, most notably the development of the Spar production platform while serving as technical director for Deep Oil Technology.  After several years of research and development, the first production spar was installed in 1996 and since then 16 more spars have been installed representing an investment of more that $10 billion. I am currently president of my own consulting company which is focusing on Renewable Energy.

I hold a B.S. in Engineering Science from Purdue University, and S. M. and Sc. D. degrees in Ocean Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.I am a past member of the Marine Board of the National Academy of Engineering, a Life Fellow of the ASME and a Professional Mechanical Engineer in the State of California. I am currently serving as Visiting Professor of Maritime Technology at the National University of Singapore, and Guest Professor at Harbin Engineering University, China.

Michael Williamson

After completing graduate studies under a Research Fellowship from the International Nickel Company, Williamson was hired as an exploration geologist by INCO and joined the Ocean Management Inc. (OMI) manganese nodule mining program where he developed technologies and methodologies to map concentrations of ore-grade nodules in the deepsea.  This work culminated in the mapping of three 20-year mine sites for the OMI consortium.  In 1983 he founded Williamson & Associates, Inc. and has continued development of technologies applicable to deep ocean exploration, search and survey missions.

Recent efforts include building equipment and conducting surveys to delineate ilmenite deposits offshore South Africa, massive seafloor sulfide deposits in Papua New Guinea and Japan, methane hydrate off the US west coast and pressurized methane hydrate sampling offshore India.

W&A conducted the largest offshore IP survey ever attempted, a project for Richards Bay Minerals and Rio Tinto mapping ilmenite content off the South African Coast.  The results were spectacular.  In 2 weeks we bettered a multi-year coring program contouring ilmenite percentages from the seabed down to 15 meters for design of a dredging program.

Robert Goodden

Robert is a technically based hands-on businessman and a strong conceptual thinker with a fundamental understanding of the use of machines in the marine environment.  He has an eye for what works in that environment both practically and commercially.

He founded, and with his team, built up the world renown offshore drilling company Seacore Ltd in 1976 and led it until its purchase by the Fugro Group in 2006.

For over thirty years Robert has been at the forefront of new technologies in seabed excavation and drilling.  His expertise lies in rock and soil cutting, heave compensation, large diameter drilling, core drilling, hydraulic systems, application of vessels and jack-up platforms.

Robert has project managed worldclass drilling and excavation projects and has the ability to get the best out of men, machines and the sea.

His training as a mining engineer and his experience as a mining and drilling contractor give him unique understanding of economic realities which when put together with his conceptual thinking quickly leads to first time solutions.

As well as his involvement in Subsea Minerals Robert has a technical advisory role in Nautilus Minerals and consults for several other marine mining companies.  He is a member of a specialist panel of ECOR.

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

Keywords: Iron Ore, Minerals, Mining, Sand

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