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By: Inward Bound  06-Dec-2011
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~ Inward Bound is
delighted to announce ~

Rebalancing Bodywork Training
with the Kootenay School
of Rebalancing

at Hacienda del Sol,
San Juanillo, Costa Rica
November 20, 2011
- January 20, 2012

Join the Kootenay School of Rebalancing with Menlha Bruneau & instructors in the tropical Costa Rican jungle for a 2 month intensive Rebalancing Bodywork Training (400 hours), certified with the Rebalancing Bodywork Certificate and the Life Meditation Program Certificate. Rebalancing is a holistic bodywork which aims to release energy held in the body and mind as a result of physical and emotional injuries. It teaches a variety of techniques that enables the user to develop a sense of well-being in a relaxed and harmonious way of living.

This ‘all-inclusive’ training includes:
* Accommodation for the duration of the program (2 months)
* 3 x delicious & healthful raw/vegan/vegetarian meals a day
* 7 hours daily instruction, 6 days a week
* Daily yoga classes
* Skin cleansing clay baths
* Personal free time to explore the area

The Rebalancing Bodywork Training
course components:

* Deep Tissue and Joint Release Techniques
to include:
- Anatomy
- Breathwork
- Bodyreading
- Learning and applying the 10 sessions of Rebalancing Bodywork
- Supervised clinic hours
- Business orientation
* Non Violent Communications
* Hakomi Body Centered Psychotherapy
* Meditation
* Feldenkrais
* Family Constellations
* Health & Diet Awareness
* Community Awareness
* Yoga

Our Instructors:

About Rebalancing, Menlha says: “Rebalancing has an unlimited potential for skilled and creative bodywork which can produce magical results.”

Since the Rebalancing program moved to Costa Rica, David has been a teacher in seven courses, continuing to facilitate the meditation, Feldenkrais sessions, and to assist in teaching the bodywork. He considers Rebalancing to be part of his “life meditation” and spiritual journey.

During the course of my life I have been trained as a professional mariner, have taken courses in conflict resolution & negotiation at B.C.’s Justice Institute. I have built houses and boats, mostly of wood and am involved with my vibrant community. I have a special interest in local food production and am an avid gardener for food & beauty. I have been living on a 40 acre co-operative for the past 18 years, am a father of two daughters and have recently become a grandfather.

When Michael is not practicing bodywork he is committed to various taoist internal arts including three systems of kung fu, qigong, and meditation. Michael is committed to evolving his practice and accumulating additional tools to use with his clients and to share with those he is teaching.

During the courses that Claire joins us, she will be sharing her scientific and healing backgrounds as she integrates the anatomy lessons with the whole Rebalancing Bodywork course and way of being.

Brandy is excited to be returning to the Kootenay School of Rebalancing as she is as inspired as ever with this unique healing modality. Brandy has much to share in the realms of heartfelt communication, grounded presence, and family constellation work. Integral to the course is how we live together in community and build self awareness and awareness of others, a continuous life practice to which Brandy is devoted.

Our Aim:
To provide training for individuals who are either practicing or potential body workers. Through a two month process of education and practice, each participant will receive the knowledge and skills necessary to become a Rebalancer.

To provide an opportunity for self-transformation. Participants in the school will inevitably experience a tremendous amount of personal growth. Physical and mental issues will be dealt with as they arise in the context of bodywork, meditation and group dynamics. In order for the group process to work effectively, it is crucial that each participant be fully committed to the entire two month period and to the process of self-transformation.

To provide a complete bodywork training through the 10 Rebalancing sessions. Each session is unique and different, which in sequence are aimed to rebalance the whole body. During this phase of the course the students will practice the 10 sessions on clients as well as on fellow students.

To provide business management as part of the program to enable students to successfully step into their own practice.

All-inclusive training price: $6,500.00

- A $1,000.00 deposit is required prior to our sign-up deadline of August 20th, 2011. This will guarantee your space in the program.

- We require a minimum of 10 students to proceed with this program so reserve your space soon!

How to get to Hacienda del Sol:
San Juanillo is just over a 2 hour drive from the airport at Liberia, Costa Rica. Liberia Airport is served by Delta, American, US Air and Continental. Delta has also added a direct flight from Los Angeles to Liberia around the weekend.

The closest airport to San Juanillo (for domestic flights within Costa Rica) is Nosara. For your convenience, you can fly from San Jose to Nosara via a domestic commuter airline, flights are approx. 45 minutes in duration. For more information, prices, schedules & weight restrictions (small and strictly enforced), please contact:

- Sansa Airlines:
(Located at the International Airport, San Jose)
- Nature Air:
(Located at Pavas Airport, a domestic airport 35 minutes from the International Airport)

Our dear friend & Anusara Yoga teacher, BJ Galvan is currently leading a series of Anusara Yoga Immersions in the jungle in San Juanillo, Costa Rica. We’ve asked BJ to speak to this process of fully ‘retreating’ as she guides us in this process of delving not only into the Anusara fundamentals, but also into our hearts.
BJ and Inward Bound will be offering these Jungle Immersions again in 2012.

For time immemorial, yogis, some known as the Pine Forest sages, have taken sabbatical from their families, work and villages to go explore the inner space of their own Heart, Mind and Body. They would leave for extended periods of time and go deep into the jungle to practice yoga together, making offering and fully stepping into their own forest of life that is feeling and thought. Practicing yoga, meditation and sharing stories in satsang with their teacher, the Pine jungle sages awaken to the Ecstatic Dance, their own Dance of Bliss and make offering before going back into the currents of their own householder life, forever shifted, deeply connected to their Spirit and a deep awareness and understanding of their own Heart.

Our fast paced westernized urban culture can often knock our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies out of balance with the natural rhythms of the earth. The great benefit of doing all three immersions back to back in the jungle is the opportunity created to truly immerse and invest in
ourselves. By being physically spacious from our householder lives, deep in Nature, fully engaged in learning and practicing how to align and sync up our physical body, sharing in the rich stories of experience in a supportive space with other heart inspired Jungle sages – this is the catalyst for true change. The space created by not having the day to day callings of western life creates the outer space to explore and cultivate the inner space. The experience of being immersed in the jungle allows us to rebalance with the the circadian rhythms, the natural cycles of existence, day/night, sun/moon and the seasons. The immersion in the jungle, whether back to back, a combination of two, or just one, will invite you to make a shift that will ripple through lifetimes.

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Keywords: Meditation, Yoga