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By: International Corporate  05-Apr-2012

Business Intelligence

Accumulated a mass of client and internal information over years, in a number of different formats ? Wondering how to leverage business advantage from this information ? Let ICCL Business Intelligence Services show you how. From data modelling to data Extraction, Transformation and Loading ICCL can turn your data into knowledge via data warehousing solutions to report meaningful information and Online Analytical Processing Cubes which allow you view your information anyway you want. Business Intelligence solutions empower your organisation from the CEO down to see clearly how your organisation is performing and assist decision making.

Whether you're planning next year's budget or reviewing your organisation's performance, business intelligence solutions can support you in your decision making

Enterprise Resource Planning

Many progressive organisations in today's competitive environment have realised the competitive advantage of running an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application suite. SAP is a dominant player in this marketplace.

ICCL have many years experience with SAP/R3 spanning 3.0C to 4.7. Getting the most out of your (not insignificant) investment is vitally important to you and we can help. Whether it be configuration, report writing, dialog programming, integration with legacy or E-commerce solutions, we have the expertise to make it happen. We are not just programmers relying on a detailed specification to direct us, we understand the complexities and nuances of R3 and develop solutions that complement the product rather than butcher it!

We have already worked on many sites in the Auckland area and our clients are happy to validate our expertise so talk to ICCL and let us see if we can get your organisation flying.

E-commerce and Web Services

The World Wide Web is as ubiquitous in business today as the telephone. The web is not just as a marketing tool, it is becoming a new way to do business.

Whether you want to sell products and services to consumers or allow your clients to keep track of and contribute to your projects, the web is becoming an important tool for allowing businesses to collaborate and maintain customer and client relationships. ICCL has experience building and deploying large web based solutions for commerce and customer relationship management.

As a technology agnostic company, we are happy to use the technology that suits you, or if required, make independent assessments of your product needs. ICCL's consultants have years of experience building and deploying supply side and demand side business to business sites, e-market places, portals, intranets, and extranets and are up to date on all the latest technology developments. ICCL's experience can help you avoid the pitfalls that beset so many web-based projects. If you want your web site to be more than just a brochure and really add business benefit, let ICCL help you and your organisation to success.

Enterprise Application Integration

With today's plethora of applications in an organisation, the big question is, how can I get my systems to work together and share information? It's one thing to have a general ledger system and a time and cost system but think of the power if they could be made to work together. ICCL's Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions allow you to realise that potential.

One of the hardest challenges today is to get your disparate applications talking to each other in a common language. Using a variety of technologies ICCL have successfully integrated systems for a number of clients reducing costs and driving ROI. Speak to ICCL today and see how they can power up your organisation.

Consultancy Services

Whether you need Systems Architects and Data Modellers to design and specify your project or whether you need developers to provide technical leadership and mentor your team in new technologies, ICCL has highly experienced consultants who can help you achieve your goals.

Our consultants can work with you on any part of a project, or all the way through. ICCL understands that sometimes you just need an extra developer or an experienced project manager and we are happy to work with you to drive your projects to completion.

At ICCL, we pride ourselves on our policy of knowledge transfer and mentorship meaning we add value far beyond lines of code. Our post project support services mean we'll always be there to help when your systems needs to evolve.

Speak to ICCL about how they can partner with you and drive your projects to success.

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