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By: Interactive Intelligence  05-Apr-2012

Government entities of all size and at all levels depend on their communications systems to operate efficiently. And in today’s environment that means taking a unified approach to business communications and process automation. For the contact center as well as the enterprise you need a standards-based IP platform that unifies every aspect of your department, division or group.

When your organization streamlines information and processes along with communications, it responds to requests much faster and manages business tasks more completely. Service through all media channels is also consistent, and superior, because each type of interaction media is processed uniformly. Call the service experience more rewarding or simply less frustrating. Either way, all parties involved appreciate fewer disconnects in communications, processes and information flows, and grade your service more positively.

The Interactive Intelligence solutions are already playing a role in making federal agencies and departments more efficient. Here are just some of our clients:

  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Commerce
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Environmental Protection Agency

A secure and redundant communications environment doesn’t come from combining different products with different architectures from different manufacturers. To the contrary, such an approach is an expensive and proprietary recipe for disaster itself. With built-in failover services and designed for consistent operation, our fully integrated platform makes business continuity much easier to achieve by duplicating all settings and configurations, including security, at your DR site. That way, you minimize testing each time you make a change, and maximize trust at all times.

Deploying our single software platform has allowed Federal agencies and thousands of other businesses worldwide to simplify their infrastructure and reduce administration and energy costs rather measurably. That part of our platform’s ROI equation is automatic. What’s ongoing for governments, however, is the return they get from protecting existing investments, with the ability to integrate and capitalize on new systems and technologies as needed. A further return comes by moving to networked VoIP to connect distributed offices, control telco costs, implement disaster recovery programs and build higher walls of security for data, voice communications and compliance.

Traditional communications systems can present some challenges when the capital investments and ongoing operational overhead are squeezing the budget. The CaaS offerings from Interactive Intelligence give your business an alternative to keep such costs in check. The features an functions we’ve already talked about are also available in a cloud based model:

  • Interactive Contact Center Service improves operational performance with IVR, ACD, automated dialing, call recording, workforce management (WFM), screen pop integration and the multichannel routing of e-mail and web chat. Agents and supervisors also improve service levels with desktop call control, desktop faxing, and real-time presence and monitoring.

The single platform from Interactive Intelligence is a better solution, because it’s a better approach. We offer our products and services through a channel of leading systems integrators and are available on multiple IDIQ’s and GSA Schedule.

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