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By: Intellispa  05-Apr-2012
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Gwinganna, Australia’s largest Spa Sanctuary, with a 34 room Spa, created by Tony de Leede, CEO of Fitness First, is a retreat like no other, located in Queensland’s Gold Coast hinterland but with easy access to the nearby surf beaches.

Covering over 200ha with tropical gardens, bush walks and a cluster of heritage buildings, Gwinganna also has a state of the art Kinesis exercise system, infinity edge pool and yoga pavilion.

As their consultant, I was looking for both a front office and spa package that was fully integrated and would provide Gwinganna with the capability to create personalised retreat plans for each guest. With this in mind it was important to identify software which could be flexible enough to accommodate the great variety of guest needs and have them make those changes very easily.

After reviewing a range of existing packages, we chose the intelliSpa™ and GuestCentrix property management systems because they satisfied all of these criteria.

Guest treatment requirements gathered through the reservation system are scheduled taking into account the therapists and rooms available as well as guest preferences, special needs and contra indications. The ability to use online questionnaires in advance of a guest stay and have those captured in the system allows a high degree of personalisation.

From a usability standpoint, the spa management solution needed to be friendly given the duration of a guest’s stay would be over multiple days and a number of different staff would need to modify the details of the stay, as guests recognised the choices available to them.

A very visual interface is a feature of intelliSpa™, allowing almost all actions to be performed from a single screen and appointments can be changed easily, (and all changes are tracked as to when and who made those changes) to provide a very personalised service for guests.

intelliSpa™ is also used in a roaming mode, loaded on a laptop connected by wi-fi to the server. This allows Gwinganna staff to mingle with the guests at break times and make any changes to their appointment times immediately, taking into account client desires and staff and room availability. This personalised capability is far more informal and less invasive than guests having to appear at a central location to make changes and enables privacy to the guest’s choices and plans.

This flexibility for the guest is balanced by the complexity in the actual rostering and scheduling of staff and facility resources. intelliSpa™ automatically matches requests to both staff and resource usage and provides availability for treatments and activities based upon skills and facility availability. This is done in the context of the staff and space rostering system providing efficient use and monitoring productivity of those resources.

Tight integration between intelliSpa™ and the GuestCentrix property management system from CMS Hospitality is achieved in real time. This is very important given the individual services provided during an extended stay must conclude with an itemised account that reflects the total stay charges from all sources for each guest.

From initial reservation until departure, all details of and modifications to the stay are immediately available in both intelliSpa™ and the PMS. Upgrades of prepaid services, additional services and all retail purchases are passed to the property management system for inclusion in the guest’s final account.

The intelliSpa™ software solution that was selected embraces the latest Microsoft design technologies and provides a platform for expansion, enhancements and customisation. The solution, based on SQL server database environment, has a permanent TCPIP pipe to the GuestCentrix PMS system and extracts spa related reservation data as required. intelliSpa™ then schedules all required services and audits all changes to an appointment. On completion of a service or when the guest purchases products from the gift shop, the detailed transaction information is posted back immediately to the guests account in the PMS using the same connection. The guest is able to view full details of the appointment including the therapist and upgrade details on their account and the accounting system is automatically updated with all financial data.

The GuestCentrix property management system is a mature and feature-rich application. The design, speed and stability have been readily accepted by the reception staff at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat. The user interface has been designed with the familiar Microsoft Windows look and feel so users can quickly learn to use the system to efficiently retrieve important data.

GuestCentrix PMS accurately stores guest history information, allowing special requests, guest preferences and specific details to be recalled when new reservations are created from guest history. This is particularly helpful for Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, considering the amount of return guests they have with detailed requirements.

According to Sharon Kolkka the GM of Gwinganna, “intelliSpa™ has been very supportive in meeting our ongoing development needs and I am confident that the spa system will improve our efficiency, accuracy, reduce human error and most importantly provide a positive experience for our guests”.

Ted Horner - E Horner & Associates P/L

Article reproduced from The Accommodation Managers Guide with kind permission from Resort Publishing.

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