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By: Inside Out Coaching  06-Dec-2011
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Powerful Customised Solutions

Are You Almost [but not quite] Satisfied With Your Business, And Can't Figure Out What's Missing?

Are you seeking new answers to old challenges?
Or maybe you are a business entrepreneur seeking self mastery and wanting to grow
Either way, we´ll provide you with powerful and proven solutions that deliver quicker and easier results - and with less stress.

Business entrepreneurs needs go way beyond traditional business consulting and business coaching. As an entrepreneur, you think differently from the typical business advisor, or business mentor — and so do we! We partner with you and your key staff at a higher level.. leveraging competencies and knowledge by consistently expanding perceptions, developing strategies and building-higher level skills.

"You never change the existing reality by fighting it.
Instead, create a new model that makes the old one obsolete"

- Buckminster Fuller.

Real Business Game Changers

We provide a variety of interactive programmes customised to meet your needs and increase your capabilities. Everything is designed to integrate into business projects and issues you're working on. We assist you in determining the best approach and level of services that are right for your business. With our expert guidance and honest advice you will discover that you can achieve exceptional things.

Powerful Self Mastery for Entrepreneurs & Professionals

If you´ve identified that life has much more to offer and you want to know how to go about getting it — then this programme exists uniquely for you. The skills and attitudes that helped you climb to your present position are likely to hinder you when you strive to go higher. Self Mastery is a uniquely fascinating and compelling “inner core” experience — one that unlocks your mind, and keeps you ahead of your game.

Targeted Business Performance - Specialist Programme

Advanced Sales Boost Programme

Profit Improvement Strategies Programme

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Clients have their say..

“I have had the pleasure of witnessing and benefiting from Des' decisive insight, clarity, and passion for helping people transform their business. For the past eighteen months I have been in regular communication with Des, and can only say that the residual benefit to my marketing, overall business strategy, and personal mindset is incalculable. If you have the opportunity to work with Des as your executive coach or business consultant, do not hesitate to do so. Thank you Des. It is a pleasure and privilege to know you and work with you!” 
- Caitriona Reed. "Des a unique ability to relate, challenging my thinking where others failed, thus adding profound value to my well-being, health and my business. At no time during my 42 years have I experienced such a feeling of growth.
One of the most positive decisions that I have ever made.."

“Your training was unlike any thing I ever heard of before. We were impacted significantly.”

Keywords: Business Consulting