Presentation Skills for Leaders - presentation workshops @ Inova Group

By: Inova Group  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Coaching Sessions

Programme Objectives

  • learn to speak with confidence and presence
  • explore one's own natural attributes and personality when presenting
  • learn techniques and skills which will enhance presentation and communications delivery
  • identify personal strengths and weaknesses as a presenter
  • understand the value of preparation and ‘warm-up’
  • give and receive peer feedback

Learning Outcomes

  • understand individual strengths and weaknesses
  • know how to prepare a warm-up tailored to your individual needs
  • understand the importance vocal tone, colour and projection
  • know how to use gestures and body language effectively
  • use eye contact effectively
  • understand the role of the breath, pause and timing
  • understand how to use technical aids effectively
  • understand how to paraphrase, and memorise text efficiently
  • understand how to handle difficult questions or distractions
  • understand how to build rapport with the audience
  • understand the role of breath and mind in terms of handling nerves and fear
  • know what it means to create presence as a speaker

Learning Methodology

An interactive facilitated dialogue with an emphasis on 'learning by doing' to facilitate behaviour change. Participants explore skills and techniques of the professional actor, which are designed to increase performance awareness, build confidence and encourage spontaneity. Along with the theatre-based activities are a series of powerful one on one coaching sessions where individuals receive perceptive feedback by the programme trainer. At the conclusion of all work modules, specific debriefing takes place. At times this includes peer feedback and/or video playback.

Takeaway Tools

  • Individual Video with at least 3 presentations recorded with coaching reminders
  • Individual tailored warm-up plan for Body, Mind and Voice
  • A series of effective energizers
  • Key positive beliefs that will aid performance
  • Body language and Voice Exercises
  • Content Planning map
  • Personal Action Plans

Keywords: Coaching Sessions

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