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By: Inova Group  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Coaching, Coaching Sessions

Coaching and mentoring provides a means of achieving objectives in personal and organisational development and change processes.

The purpose of these coaching and mentoring one-on-one sessions is to provide support through questioning, reflection, insight, perspective and wisdom.

Our coaching and mentoring team draws on a vast range of life and business experiences to assist the development of high standards and to encourage self-knowledge and winning behaviour.

Whereas coaching is a more directive process, focused on the realities of the work place, mentoring is an open, supportive process, looking at personal issues and life questions.

Coaching and mentoring share many of the same skills and, at times, may overlap during a session.

Our coaching and mentoring programmes are custom designed with each participant and commonly include six 2-hour sessions over a six month period.

Initial meeting (1 hour)

  • scope objectives and success criteria
  • relationship expectations
  • agree on structure and content of sessions
  • agree on time allocation and investment

Coaching Sessions
These can be a mix of face-to-face (2 hour session) and telephone meetings (45mins – 1 hour session)

  • Face-to-face session - one per month
  • Telephone session – one per month

Some sessions are purely reflective on current issues being faced, while others are structured around a learning project, personal assessment or specific leadership theory.

Please contact us for a six month or one year coaching outline

Keywords: Coaching, Coaching Sessions

Other products and services from Inova Group


Leadership development - for team leaders through to senior executives

Dynamic and effective learning methods including experiential simulations, case studies, review sessions, conceptual models, projects and psychometric inventories. We have flexible options in using measurement inventories/profiles/questionnaires either within development programmes or within executive one-on-one coaching.


Teambuilding in New Zealand, Australia and Asia

A dynamic interactive programme using experiential team activities, review sessions, conceptual models, motivation assessment, videos and action planning all in an integrated process. Specific observable behaviours that bring the values into reality are clarified and agreed to. Understanding the stages of team development within the organisational growth curve. Learning to work together effectively.


Creativity and Business Innovation with The Inova Group

New information, technology, staff, procedures and a constantly changing market, demand leadership to provide the initiative and innovation that leads to effective and efficient service. This requires personal and team creative thinking and problem solving skills to manage change, issues and develop new opportunities and ways of working. To feel more confident in your own creativity and ability to move into new areas and to accept new ideas.


The Inova Group Strategic Planning & Partnering Facilitation

The Inova Group has assisted executive teams by facilitating ongoing strategic planning sessions, using company specific strategic planning models and processes or providing our own models and processes, tailored to the organisation. Partnering is a commitment between two or more organisations for the purpose of achieving specific business objectives by the maximising of the effectiveness of cooperation.


Presentation Skills for Leaders - presentation workshops @ Inova Group

Participants explore skills and techniques of the professional actor, which are designed to increase performance awareness, build confidence and encourage spontaneity. Explore one's own natural attributes and personality when presenting. Know how to prepare a warm-up tailored to your individual needs. At times this includes peer feedback and/or video playback. Identify personal strengths and weaknesses as a presenter.


Personal Wellbeing Coach

Peak Performance or Life Coach sessions use Neurolinguistic Programming Techniques to create clarity of purpose and to provide methods/techniques to ‘anchor’ you prior to or during peak performances into ‘highly resourceful mental states’. Air travel and accommodation expenses to be negotiated separately depending on location, length and travel during the support.