How do your Security Services stack up

By: Innovative Security  06-Dec-2011
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... These 7 questions will give you an answer..

1. Software Systems

How stable is your software? If your software is crashing frequently there may be stability issues that need addressing.

2. Callout Service

How responsive is your callout service? Do you find yourself chasing them?

3. Training Support

When you get new staff and/or systems, are the team kept up to speed with how to interact as users?

4. Security Breeches

How many security breeches do you experience with your current system?

5. Management of System

How easy has your provider made it for you to manage your system e.g. adding new cardholders, monitoring over the internet etc.? Your system should be easy to operate and not constantly require intervention from your provider - how easy do they make it for you?

6. Consistency of Support

Some providers have the same staff who get to know your site and can provide exactly what you need, whereas some providers have new staff on all the time so there is poor consistency of service to you and your system.

7. Troubleshooting

Some security systems simply need upgrading and others need replacing. Old technology is sometimes maintained at a higher expense that what new systems would cost to maintain. How active is your provider in troubleshooting this for you and giving you advice?

Modern security technology and service agreements mean there are no excuses if you are putting up with anything less..

We offer the following services to meet your security needs:

Keywords: Security Systems, Security Technology

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