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By: Infield International  05-Apr-2012

Data Processing

"Talking directly to the DP team is much easier. The DP Manager was very helpful and talked me through some complicated concepts."


Australian Research Bureau. "Thanks so much for staying back last week to complete the tables. We really appreciate the effort. Everything looks great. You've really put in the extra attention to detail, so these will be a huge help to us as we move forward with the analysis."


Australian Research Bureau. "The quality of the data and the format delivery is much better than our other suppliers. The team is very helpful and makes sure we get what we ask for every time."


New Zealand Research consultancy.

Why our DP Team?

Sample management

Our DP team has a strong background in sample management of client sample files including;

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Friendly and thoroughly trained interviewers achieve maximum response rates Our field managers and supervisors are passionate and dedicated to achieving results. We have used other companies both here and overseas and we are using Infield for all our CATI work because you deliver the best quality fieldwork. This is the New Zealand Research Industry scheme set up to promote and monitor fieldwork quality.


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Our highly trained interviewers carry out advertising tests regularly and efficiently either via a mall intercept or by appointment at our Head Office. We offer coverage in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch for central location, exit survey and mall intercept projects. We invest in training as part of our commitment to our customers to work to the highest standards.