Indufor Oy - Environmental services and payments for environmental services (PES

By: Indufor Oy  05-Apr-2012

Environmental services and payments for environmental services (PES)

Environmental services are provided by forest eco-systems along with wood and non-wood products and they benefit human beings with eg, flood mitigation and reduced global warming. The services have conventionally been public goods, but market-based development of some environmental services such as carbon and biodiversity have recently evolved.

The emerging markets and payments for environmental services (PES) offer an opportunity for forest owners, managers and organisations in many locations to have additional economic benefits from forestry. Indufor assists clients to reach the balance between conventional forestry and provision of environmental services.

Our services:

  • Assessment of environmental services potential
  • Identification of markets for environmental services
  • Design of payment for environmental services schemes (e.g. carbon and biodiversity)
  • Carbon markets
  • Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD)
  • Carbon certification
  • Social and environmental risk management
  • Capacity building and training

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We operate on all continents addressing global, national and local challenges, and provide our clients with a unique understanding and the best solutions for the specific situations and regions.We provide services throughout the value chain of the forest industry from raw materials, to manufacturing and markets.


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Furthermore, Indufor is committed to contributing to a system of generating carbon credits from avoided deforestation and forest degradation through the development of national and international REDDstrategies, as well as through the implementation of REDD initiatives from the national to community levels.


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Indufor’s knowledge of harvesting and hauling costs combined with its expertise in round wood markets in various parts of the world enables its professionals to provide your company with a complete financial, marketing and operating plan for your timber harvest operations.