Implements Direct: Tractor tow bar

By: Implements Direct  05-Apr-2012

Seized jockey wheel? Sore back ?  Forget about 'em. The Novaquip 3 point linkage tow hitch makes lifting your trailer onto the tow ball and struggling with jockey wheels a thing of the past. This essential  attachment  can also be used to raise your drawbar on your trailer to drain water from your boat after a hard day's fishing. It'll also give you a hand emptying contents from your trailer.

The Novaquip  tow bar has a hot dip galvanized finish, perfect for dealing with four seasons in one day. Like all Novaquip products, the 3 point linkage tow hitch was developed with the Small farm owner in mind, and you'll quickly find a whole range of ways to use it on your property.

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Implements Direct: PTO Concrete Mixer

This mixer is supplied with dual Cat 1 and 2 lower pins, drive shaft with shear bolt and single acting hydraulic top link, though some hydraulic piping maybe required. A full mix can weigh up to 350Kg and may be too much for some small, compact tractors without a counter weighed front end or a front loader attachment. The mixer rotates continuously and its three internal paddles ensure a consistent mix.


Tractor Buckets For Mixing Concrete

You can unload the mix two different ways; use the unloading tube for accurate placement of concrete for footings or post holes or tip the mix straight out of the bucket when accuracy isn't an issue. The M3 Concrete Mixer Bucket has a Euro hitch loader connection and is perfect for the construction of concrete paving, sewers, and culverts, pavements,races, kerbs and gutters.


Implements Direct: Easy Change Quick Hitch

The Easy Change System is all that is needed to attach your tractor to all your implements without having to lift and move heavy implements into position for attachment. The Easy Change quick hitch system changes your lift arms to a hook system, allowing you to hook your tractor to an implement without leaving your seat. It fits over the end of your lift arm (attached by a pin through the ball and a u-bolt for stability).


Tractor Log splitter Vertical WX350

Direct pressure means that full splitting force is always applied, because the cylinder is directly inline with the log. This Sierra implement is rugged and built to last, perfect for your firewood jobs on your small farm or lifestyle block. The WX350 logsplitter is powered direct from your tractors auxiliary hydraulics.