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By: Imcd Group  05-Apr-2012

Logistics – Cental coordinated pan-European supply chain

IMCD has outsourced all its logistics to reliable third party logistics services providers to ensure maximum flexibility and the highest service levels in a market with constant changing demands on both local and European level. All our logistics services providers are audited by our HSEQ team with expert knowledge of control regulations and business standards for the storage, handling, transport of chemicals and food and pharmaceutical ingredients. All our facilities are ISO certified and comply not only with global regulations such as HACCP, GMP, GDP and Seveso but also with regional regulations such as IMB and Swissmedic.

At IMCD, we understand flexibility and innovation and know how to apply it for our principals and customers. From Rotterdam based headquarters we oversee the whole IMCD Supply Chain and  design logistic customer and supplier solutions according to pre-defined service and quality parameters with use of engineering tools in order to create innovative and robust value propositions. Our Supply Chain engineering work includes establishing project plans, modeling, development of standard operating procedures, presentation to our principals and customers including solution implementation.

Our centralised Supply Chain team is experienced in developing and managing projects and can avoid the pitfalls of implementations that often surround these projects. By closely working together with IT and HSEQ we ensure efficiency across the IMCD Supply Chain platform, with dedicated Local Supply Chain Managers managing the day-to-day business.

Sampling Service – Robust, fast and reliable infrastructure

IMCD is able to supply samples for all applications from 10g up to 25kg with comprehensive support documentation such as MSDS, delivery note and CoA (when applicable) within 24 hours. All product samples that IMCD dispatches are compliant with the highest regulatory and safety standards. Our infrastructure ensures that our (potential) customers have a fast and reliable service giving them the opportunity to properly evaluate our products.

NCEC – 24 hour Emergency response

IMCD is connected to the Carechem24 network that plays a key role in national arrangements for responding to chemical incidents. It provides a 24 hour national advice service to the public emergency services on dealing with chemical incidents and is a central part of the Chemical Industries Associations Chemsafe scheme. In addition to its national role, NCEC also offers a number of commercial emergency response services, such as Carechem 24, to assist IMCD companies in providing and obtaining chemical emergency response advice and information.

NCEC is one of the most experienced teams in the world in understanding the requirements of both the chemical industry and the emergency services. NCEC is staffed by a team of emergency responders who are all qualified chemists and who have received extensive training in chemical health and safety, emergency response and communication skills. As well as the emergency responders, NCEC is supported by a team of experienced data administrators who are responsible for ensuring that NCEC’s databases are fully up-to-date.

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IT | IMCD Group

The structure of this centralised IT platform facilitates uniform and efficient business processes within the IMCD Group and supports up to date in-and external reporting to suppliers and stakeholders of IMCD. The ERP platform is a unique asset enabling fully automated order and other information exchange with IMCD’s business partners (suppliers, customers and logistic service providers).


Laboratory Services | IMCD Group

By partnering with our customers on research formulations, carrying out competitive matching and sharing new application opportunities, we’ve delivered some of the leading, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for the modern markets. Our Technical Academies and Competence Centres in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa provide training in marketing, trend analysis and cross-fertilisation across all sectors of our business.



As a chemical distribution company and ‘downstream user’ there is a clear obligation to communicate ‘use information’ between ‘downstream users’ further down the supply chain and the producer/importer. IMCD performs a number of different ‘active’ roles within the chemical supply chain and has been involved with REACH since the White paper for a future chemicals policy was published in February 2001.