By: Imcd Group  05-Apr-2012

IMCD performs a number of different ‘active’ roles within the chemical supply chain and has been involved with REACH since the White paper for a future chemicals policy was published in February 2001.

As a chemical distribution company and ‘downstream user’ there is a clear obligation to communicate ‘use information’ between ‘downstream users’ further down the supply chain and the producer/importer. As an importer IMCD also has to comply with the relevant obligations under REACH and furthermore has to fulfill obligations given by the registrant or registrant’s Only Representative (OR).

The implementation of REACH requires a decisive and collaborative approach between all operational elements within the organization (HSEQ, purchase, sourcing, sales and logistics). It is then from this strong basis that IMCD looks to engage with and support both our customers and suppliers to ensure full REACH compliance.

Other products and services from Imcd Group


IT | IMCD Group

The structure of this centralised IT platform facilitates uniform and efficient business processes within the IMCD Group and supports up to date in-and external reporting to suppliers and stakeholders of IMCD. The ERP platform is a unique asset enabling fully automated order and other information exchange with IMCD’s business partners (suppliers, customers and logistic service providers).


Supply Chain | IMCD Group

From Rotterdam based headquarters we oversee the whole IMCD Supply Chain and design logistic customer and supplier solutions according to pre-defined service and quality parameters with use of engineering tools in order to create innovative and robust value propositions.


Laboratory Services | IMCD Group

By partnering with our customers on research formulations, carrying out competitive matching and sharing new application opportunities, we’ve delivered some of the leading, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for the modern markets. Our Technical Academies and Competence Centres in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa provide training in marketing, trend analysis and cross-fertilisation across all sectors of our business.