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By: Imagined Worlds  05-Apr-2012

Tanya Batt
Craig Denham

The fox is a curious character. Sometimes a messenger of the gods, sometimes a shapes shifter, this wily animal is a favourite trickster in the world of story. Mr Fox, Foxy-loxy, Brer Fox and Reynard all share cunningness. Sometimes it pays off with a snap of the jaws and a full belly. Other times even a fox can find themselves outfoxed! These four tales balance the fox's fortune. So, let the fox out of the box to play.

Mr Fox's Sack

Traditional English

Mr Fox is a traditional English Folktale. We're grateful for Bill Harely's take on this classic to which we've added our own sinister touch. Exactly what is it that's in Mr Fox's Sack? Sing along and find out.

Chicken Licken

Traditional European

"Oh me, oh my-o..I got hit by the sky-o!" That's what Chicken Licken sings when an acorn falls and hits him on the head. Chicken Licken's hasty mistake spells disaster for his feathered friends when Foxy promises them a short cut to find the King.


Traditional Czech

Sometimes it's hard to do as you're told, especially when Lishka the Fox is outside the window, waving her tail and promising you a special treat. Poor Bodalinka finds out the way what happens when you open the door to a fox.

Gingerbread Man

Traditional European

Horses, chickens, a hungry old woman and an alien all want a nibble of that gingerbread man. But it's the sly old fox who gets to see the biscuit boy's crumby demise. A happy ending.. for the fox that is!

Ranky Tank


People have been asking us for years to record our take on this Afro-American storytelling chant. You've heard of putting the fox amongst the chickens - well here's one rooster in a box of foxes. Guaranteed to create a bit of ranky tank!

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