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By: Imagine Better  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Disability


Standards Plus is an independent agency working to promote leadership and quality in services for people with disabilities, older people, people with mental illness, families and elders.

To achieve this we provide services in the areas of:

  • Mentoring and direct support to service providers
  • Individualised service design and service planning
  • Service analysis and review of outcome quality
  • Hosting and managing high-level training and development programmes
  • Development and implementation of specific, individualised training and development programmes
  • Supervision and support for senior staff
  • Customised training programmes to meet your needs

Supporting disabled people, families and elders to:

  • Design and manage individualised funding packages
  • Be involved in self-governance around the service they receive
  • Provide ongoing security of service, asset and estate
  • Support Boards to develop strong governance
  • Supporting organisations with policy development
  • Supporting government agencies to develop and implement disability related policy
  • Supporting government agencies, disability organisations and community organisations to develop policy and process to implement the New Zealand Disability Strategy
  • Mentoring and leadership support for senior staff
  • Independent consultancy in service design and delivery

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Crafting a Future

Imagine Better is please to annouce that we are again able to host three Crafting a Future weekends with the Parent and Family Resource Centre. Two of these weekends will be available in Auckland and the third in Tauranga.

Individualised Funding and Self Directed Services Conference

The Opportunities, Challenges and Cautions

The call for papers and presentations for our 2012 Individualised Funding and Self Directed Services conference is now open. Interested parties are invited to submit their proposals for consideration by 5pm, Friday 16 December 2011

5th International SRV Pre-conference Workshops

Registration for the pre-conference workshops are now open.

Day One

The Liberation of Dependent People from Dependency and Bondage,Especially on the Human Service System presented by Susan Thomas

Day Two

Protecting the Health and Lives of Hospital Patients, Especially Those Who Are Societally Devalued presented by Jo Massarelli and Joe Osburn

5th International SRV Conference

Getting the good life: From ideas to action.

Conferene Programme and registration forms are now available.

Believing in Better

Steps to an ordinary life for your family member with a disability.

This book can now be purchased directly from our website.

Letting in the Light

Standards Plus has a limited number of Michael Kendrick's new book Letting in the Light currently available for sale.

Keywords: Disability