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By: Ima.kiosk  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Kiosks, Touch Screens, Wireless Connection

The advanced IMA.Kiosk solution offersthe quick deployment of engaging interactive, multi-touch Kiosk networks on the latest generation of large touch screens.

  • Turn Key Solution.  Easy and Fast to deploy, in mere weeks.

      = At a fraction of the cost of traditional kiosk networks

  • Kiosk deployments are incredibly SIMPLE.  Just unpack the Kiosk, plug it into a power point, connect to 3G wireless and follow the prompts to activate the unit with the Central Administration Console. The Kiosk unit is now LIVE.
  • Full ASP Solution, So NO expensive IT infrastructure required.

      = No cabling, networks or server farms
= Kiosk hardware is not dedicated, so relatively inexpensive
= IMA.Kiosk can support a mix of both fully interactive and dumb display Kiosks
= All deployed Kiosks, any where in the world, are managed through simple 3G wireless connection

  • Centralised IMA.Kiosk Administration Centre. Kiosks are independent, stand-alone “fat client’ units that just need a 3G wireless connection to the central IMA.Kiosk Administration Centre for instant and/or daily updates of content changes, tracking and viewing of user capture data

      = Update and manage hundreds of Kiosks from the comfort of your office

  • Any size available from 12 inch staff 'walkers', 24 inch desk / wall units through 40 / 42 / 50 / 60 inch Kiosks
  • Fully interactive and operated by natural touch screen gestures, similar to the latest generation of 'touch' mobile phones
  • Kiosks can display any combination of text, images, videos, maps, 3D and flash animations, interactive maps, digital eBrochures, QR codes, consolidate captured user information and more…
  • For global clients, clusters of Kiosks can run different language User interfaces, such as Mandarin in China and English in United Kingdom
  • Kiosks offer Co-Op Partner Showreel and Ad strips for displaying advertisers' promotions, QR codes and TVC videos for immediate impact with consumers, prior to purchase

So the Kiosks can be self-funding or provide an additional advertising channel/ revenue generator for our clients.   

Keywords: Kiosks, Touch Screens, Wireless Connection