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By: Ictsystems  06-Dec-2011

How will we develop your ICT strategy?

Our core focus is on the infrastructure recommendations defined by MOE - Infrastructure as defined by MOE, refers to Telecommunications, Hardware, Software (purchase and use) management information systems, resourcing systems, and technical support

The environment we offer is fully customisable to meet all of your ICT requirements. It is the aim of ICTSystems Ltd to meet and exceed the criteria defined by MOE for ICT in schools which includes the following:

  • Internet Access
  • Shared File Access
  • Share Printer Access
  • Secure Network
  • Common Office Environment
  • Access to network from home
  • Training
  • Ongoing Support

What follows is a breakdown of the standard option solution - followed by our value added services.

How does ICT integrate into a school environment?

Using our standard model for site deployment - we will do the following:

  • Scope Requirements - We talk with you about what it is you need
  • Application Audit - We talk with you about what applications you have and how they fit into the new environment
  • Site Survey - We will come to your site to see what hardware and software you have
  • Network Design - We will design your new network on paper and get you to 'accept' it before proceeding
  • Rollout Site - This is the where we start to deploy hardware, and make changes to your environment
  • Troubleshoot - After deployment there are always issues that need to be worked through - we plan for it!
  • Train - We offer a basic level of training to get you started

What Solution does ICTSystems offer to all schools?

Here are some typical options

  • Network File and print sharing functionality
  • Common Office Environment (COE)– Same Desktop shown to all users
  • School image portrayed in COE – Screen savers, wallpaper, Logon window, etc
  • Secure COE – Users will be unable to load software, change screen saver, access floppy drive etc
  • Remote control of COE workstations – From any other COE workstation
  • Industry standard network security policies and procedures
  • Roaming user support – Allow users to move from one pc to another and still have access to the same resources and applications
  • Integration of existing applications into new environment
  • Remote server management - The ability to remotely connect to the school network to troubleshoot quickly
  • Utilization of existing hardware platforms (If existing technology allows)
  • Rapid desktop rebuild – If PC’s have technical problems instead of getting expensive people in to look at the problem – just rebuild the PC back to it’s original state.
  • Industry standard Backup solution, Virus checking, Firewall solutions
  • Corporate IT standards implementation - including hardware, software, Servers and Desktop PC’s. Printers, Scanners etc
  • Ministry of Education supported software solutions
  • Support Agreements – for new and existing environments
  • Maintenance Agreements e.g. Monthly backup checks, security audits, server monitoring
  • Documentation of existing site - We will deliver documents the will detail how the network is put together
  • Asset Tagging / Inventory management – Allows you to keep your ‘books’ up to date
  • Remote Access by staff

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You benifit because you get to browse and make your own well informed decisions based on price points, and we benifit by helping you to tailor a solution that meets your budget, without spending a lot of time producing and changing quotations. We also take advantage of any educational pricing benifits where possible, including offers from The Ministry of Education.