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By: Icreations  06-Dec-2011

As well as looking pretty, our designs will help strengthen the image of your company. We can create websites based on your current branding, or together we can rethink your image in order to come up with something fresh. Either way, we will show you concepts throughout the design process to ensure that the finished product is exactly as you want it.

Web Development

Our elegant code, coupled with the latest technologies ensure that we can provide solid and powerful solutions. Would you like a simple news management system built into your website? Or a fully-blown database-driven online store?

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A leading Graphic, Web and 3D Design Studio - how it works

Interactive Phone Consultation: Once we hear from you, someone from our design team will spend some time on the phone with you to get a sense of your vision and your needs. We'll incorporate your content and ideas into an initial draft of your design job, and your designer will notify you when the draft is ready for your review.


A leading Graphic, Web and 3D Design Studio - flash ads

ICreations can apply permanent vehicle graphics, including full color text, logos, photos and wraps. By advertising on your car, you can generate over 600 visual impressions for every mile. Magnetic signs are a great option for multi-use vehicles or short-term promotions. Consider these facts from the Interstate Advertising Corporation. Vehicles can be transformed into moving billboards.


A leading Graphic, Web and 3D Design Studio - flash intro

We can do anything from a full-flash site to just a single flash button or logo.Have a flash design project for your business. We achieve this by creating our designs to be fully interactive so that they fully involve your customer in the experience. These days you must use the latest web design techniques if you want to stay ahead of the competition.


A leading Graphic, Web and 3D Design Studio - letterheads

Many times a customer’s first interaction with your business is that first time they receive a letter or promotion from you. An effective identity package, including letterhead printing and other business printing items, indicates a strong brand. ICreations is an industry leader in letterhead printing and can handle all your business printing needs.


A leading Graphic, Web and 3D Design Studio - business cards

Make sure your business cards mention your location, extended hours, specialty services or anything else that will help distinguish you from your competition. One of the most inexpensive and versatile tools in your marketing arsenal, your business card says a lot about you and your company. Having well designed business cards from iCreations is a cost effective way to promote your business.


A leading Graphic, Web and 3D Design Studio - postcards

Unlike letters or brochures which are often discarded before the envelope is even opened; marketing postcards have a distinct advantage as it is almost impossible to throw one away without at least glancing at its message. As an industry leader in postcard printing, iCreations is a great resource for making your postcard designs a reality. Postcards are an extremely effective and low cost way to get your message out.