Phone line alarms

By: Icplus  06-Dec-2011
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Having an alarm system installed can decrease the chance of a burglary and will help you to protect your place and your possessions. Our wireless alarm systems are ideal for buildings where new cabling is a problem. This is a good option for people who rent. It's easy to install and when you move it's easy to take it with you.

What a security alarm consist of?

House alarm has several integral parts:

  • Control panel with keypad
  • Siren alarm (loud siren to let the intruder know that he is noticed and he will be deterred by the loud noise, can be built into control panel or external)
  • Motion detectors (infrared device to sense human movement in the room)
  • Key fob (remote control to operate your alarm remotely)

It can also include a lot of useful extra accessories:

  • Smoke detectors (to alarm if excessive smoke detected)
  • Door/window detectors (activate alarm when door or window is opened)
  • Vibration and glass brake sensors
  • Many other detectors and sensors
  • Exteranal strobe light with siren
  • Panic buttons
  • And lots more depending on your exclusive needs

When alarm is connected to a phone line or to a GSM mobile network it will send a message (text and/or voice) to the owner or central monitoring station when either detector has been set off and you can take necessary action.

You can customize your order with us, include any number of sensors you want depending or your needs, protected area size and location. Contact us with your 'wish to have' list and we'll answer your questions and confirm your order.


Supplement an alarm system with good security practices, such as locking doors at all times, having a neighbourhood watch group and keep an eye out for security threats in your community.

Keywords: Alarm, Alarm Systems, Detectors, Security Alarm, Sensors, Smoke Detectors, Strobe Light