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By: Icc Technology  06-Dec-2011

The display offers a stable base, highly durable touch screen, brilliant optics and a cable management system, all in an elegant and simple-to-use design. This display easily integrates into numerous point-of-sale, PC, and thin client systems making it ideal for applications requiring long life, 24/7 uptime, and the assurance of a 3-year “unlimited touches” warranty. Activated only by human touch, the M1500SS display eliminates inadvertent or false touches from jewelry, clothing, or handheld objects, making it the clear choice for applications where reliability is key.

Rock-solid Display Base

The M1500SS display is designed with touch in mind which results in rock-solid touch stability even under rapidly repeating and/or heavy tapping. Most displays that were not designed for touch can wobble and/or flex, potentially causing a double touch that can increase operator error and create an nsatisfactory customer experience. The M1500SS display has the flexibility to attach peripheral devices to the left or right of the display bezel and even maintains its touch stability when locked in position at display angles ranging from 0 to 60 degrees.

Recommended Applications

  • Point of Sale (POS)

  • Unattended Environments

  • Point of Service

  • Point of Information (POI)

  • Kiosks

  • Hospitality

  • Digital Signage

  • Financial

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