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By: Icc Cleaning  05-Apr-2012

As an active participant in the day-to-day lives of our clients ICC Cleaning wants to make this relationship totally beneficial to you. We are happy to play a background role so that your company can conduct its business in the knowledge that your building is being well maintained to the highest standards. The image your associates have of your company and surroundings can impact upon your business and we take pride in contributing to your success.

ICC offers you great service 24 hour a day, 7 days a week

The core business of ICC Cleaning is general regular office commercial cleaning. We also offer clients a full range of specialist cleaning and building maintenance services. These include:

  • Blind and drape cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning, stain removal, upholstery cleaning
  • Final move out spring clean
  • Initial cleans
  • Maintenance of resilient surfaces (marble, granite, natural stone, tiles, concrete etc)
  • Pest control
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Supply of toilet requisites
  • Telephone, monitor and keyboard sanitization
  • Vinyl floor maintenance
  • Water blasting
  • Window cleaning (high and low rise buildings)

Bathroom Sanitisation Service

Due to client feedback, in addition to our regular standard commercial clean, we also offer clients an optional two monthly bathroom/toilet sanitization clean. This is designed as a spring clean that will target hard to reach places and totally eradicate any stubborn germs and ensure the highest levels of bathroom hygiene are maintained.

ICC Services are tailored to your needs so please don’t hesitate to ask us about any additional service you may require.

ICC Cleaning will assist your move towards a healthier work place by using environmentally friendly cleaning products wherever possible. Where cleaning is regular, softer cleaning agents are just as effective and without the potential side effects on employees.

Benefits of environmental cleaning materials include:

  • Non-toxic workplace
  • Hypo-allergic products benefit staff with allergies
  • Increased productivity of staff due to less ambient chemicals
  • Reduced impact on the natural environment

The range of environmentally friendly products ICC uses are made entirely from renewable harvested citrus crops and plant by-products. Ingredients include various materials extracted from waste orange peel and other by-products as well as fresh juices. No sulphates, phosphates or silicates are added and detergents are natural, not petroleum based. Whilst natural and highly biodegradable, these products are extremely effective.

Note: For industrial cleaning where extremely heavy-duty cleaning is required we use cleaning substances containing the necessary germ killing/stain removal agents to do the job well.

Bathroom Supplies

We supply our clients with high quality bathroom supplies made from natural products including:

Hand Soap

  • Natural conditioning hand soap which is appropriate for sensitive skins, with deodorizing properties and manuka honey to help prevent chapping

Toilet Paper

  • Biodegradable hand towels and toilet paper.

Air Freshener

  • A 100% natural purifying freshener with aroma therapeutic benefits. Our freshener will not only neutralize and eliminate odours, smoke and airborne pollutants, it will also keep insects away