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By: Ibem  06-Dec-2011

The Easyboot Trail hoof boot is the very latest hoof boot for barefoot horses from the EasyCare stable. The Easyboot trail can be used by young and old hands alike, and is supplied in singles to allow you to fit each hoof correctly or replace a worn or damaged boot.

This superb value hoof boot has been designed to allow for up to eight weeks growth for most horses and is recommended for medium distance riding- up to 40km per week (usually an average of 1 - 1 1/2 hours a day). It is therefore ideal for most leisure riders. The Easyboot trail is a simple hoof boot to use, no force required just a quick and very easy double Velcro closure at the rear - nothing else to worry about!

This revolutionary hoof boot opens right up for fitting so works well on impatient horses or those that find it hard to stand on three legs for long periods.

Not suitable for horses with much wider than long hooves. Not intended for long distance or endurance riding (usually over 40km per week).

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IBEM Ltd. - E-Shop

If you have purchased your boots directly from us, we can usually return any warranty items the next day as they are dispatched from New Zealand. By ordering online with us using our paypal credit card facility we can dispatch your boots to you via New Zealand Post. Also note, unlike other online shops, our prices, unless otherwise stated, are inclusive of GST.


IBEM Ltd. - Seminars

You will benefit from trimming instruction and the opportunity to ask any specific questions related to trimming according to the Strasser Method. Participants must have attended at least one Strasser Holistic Horse and Hoofcare Seminar in order to attend a Trimming Practice Seminar. These days will give participants the opportunity to hone their basic trims under the supervision of a Strasser Seminar Clinician.


IBEM Ltd. - Hoof Boot Accessories

Hard riding in rough terrain can sometimes result in frayed or broken cables and damaged boot buckles. Either install yourself, or ship your Easyboot back to us for installation. A broken cable does not mean the end of the line for your Easyboot. New cable and buckle kits are available from us. Please specify if you want cable and buckle.


IBEM Ltd. - Easycare Packs and Bags

Pack comes ready to fit a Western style pommel, but simply remove the pommel straps and it will attach easily to your English style pommel with small nylon loops that connect to the front D-rings. The sides of the pack attach with a nylon strap that wraps around the saddle cinch ring or billet straps and tightens down, creating a secure no-bounce fit. This innovative combo pack will easily transform to fit a Western or English style pommel.


IBEM Ltd. - Easycare Stirrups

Nylon E-Z Ride Stirrups are lighter weight and have all the same great qualities and are fast becoming the most popular endurance stirrup on the market. They are 5 inches wide from side-to-side and 4 inches deep from toe- to- heel, allowing for the best possible weight distribution throughout the foot. Closed-cell foam pad provides comfort for the knees and back and helps prevent overall fatigue. Made with heavy duty, high-tech polymer.