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By: Hysave  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Commercial Refrigeration, Emissions Trading Scheme, Refrigeration Technology

 Products - LPA® Liquid Pressure Amplification

for Supermarkets, Process Cooling, Cold / Frozen Storage, Blast Freezing, Dairy Industry, Wine Industry Data Centres and much more!

The LPA® (Liquid Pressure Amplifier) is used in a variety of applications that make standard refrigeration system more efficient and saves energy. Many expert refrigeration energy concious designers choose to develop their own control strategies to achieve maximum performance they desire.

Unfortunately as the head pressure is reduced, flash gas in the liquid line is formed which has a negative effect on system performance and savings. Unless you can guarantee a good supply of liquid to the expansion valves as provided by the LPA®, these levels of efficiencies and floating head pressures are not possible. By installing Liquid Pressure Amplifiers (LPA® pumps) you can be sure to deliver 100% liquid (flash gas free) to the expansion valves significantly  reducing energy costs as well as your carbon footprint.

Keywords: Commercial Refrigeration, Emissions Trading Scheme, Liquid Pressure Amplification, Refrigeration Technology,