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By: Hustler Hydraulics  06-Dec-2011
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We keep a wide range of standard cylinders on the shelf, ready for despatch..

..including Toplink cylinders, Sprayboom rams, Crowd rams, and Logsplitter rams as shown below.

With this sort of immediate availability, it is often worth altering the mounts to accept one of these cylinders. Another important advantage is that in case of damage, shafts or complete rams are available at short notice.

Minimise that downtime!


Building a hydraulic sprayboom?

PC5 is our most popular with 1 ½” bore ¾” rod and 305mm travel. Very compact with long stroke which minimizes boom flex. Ports are restricted for excellent control.

Other sizes available.


Crowd rams with ‘anti-vaccuming’ porting and large dia shafts.

PC10 fits most ‘Begg’ loaders. PC15 suits most Pearson loaders or use for trip model upgrades.

Other sizes available.


These have big ports and large diameter shafts for fast retract speeds.

Log splitters get a hard time so do it properly the first time with one of these, or as a replacement for that cheap one. The 3 x 2 PC25 is our most popular followed by the 3 ½ x 2 PC30. Both have 459mm (18’’) stroke standard.

Other sizes available.


Typical SAE sizing, double clevis ends with 1” pins.

Use as a replacement cylinder upgrade, as it will outlast most imported/standard SAE cylinders for little extra cost.

SAE 2.5 x 6, SAE 2.5 x 8, SAE 3 x 8 are the most popular, however we produce these in virtually all sizes.


New Zealand’s widest and most comprehensive range of hydraulic Toplink cylinders, designed to suit your tractor.

There are 24 standard models available, including the TL-C – easily our most popular.

The models suit tractors from 15hp to 300+hp.

You need the best? New Zealand's No. 1 Toplink ram uses gutsy OE quality ball ends and forged knuckles.


Imagine what you can do with this! And with Motus, reliability with zero creep.

Purchase a made-to-fit cylinder, or order a blank and complete it in your workshop for an economical solution. Motus cylinders are perfect for this demanding application.

The most popular? Our LB2.5 with 75mm travel each way suits 48-80hp tractors, or LB2.0, LB3.0.


  1. Toplink hosekit – you won’t buy these cheaper
  2. Double lockvalve with neat, banjo bolt connections
  3. Cat 2/3 Quickhook c/w ball
  4. Position indicator & decal
  5. Spare knuckles (suit TL-G, H, H2) 4 sizes (incl. pin)

Keywords: Cylinders, Rams

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