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By: Humates  06-Dec-2011
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We strongly recommend HuMates as the perfect soil conditioner and accompaniment to fertiliser whether you use the natural form, pellets, powder or liquid. However, there may be occasions when you feel that humic or fulvic by themselves are more suitable and so we also provide these products. The use of fulvic in foliar fertiliser sprays would be a good example.

HuMates Natural
This is pure humates as it was mined in Australia. It can be mixed with products such as urea, lime or existing fertiliser combinations but we primarily recommend it for broadcast spreading.

It is designed to work ‘in the soil’ and is perfect for soil rehabilitation and extending the impact of fertiliser that is subsequently applied. Rainfall or irrigation is required to work it into the soil.

Liquid HuMates
This liquid is derived from our natural HuMates using a process based on methodology from Russia, where the benefits of humates were first noticed.

Most liquid humates products are acid extracted using a chemical process - ours is a totally natural and environmentally friendly process which is why it is Bio-Gro registered - Reg. No. 4769. Acid extracted humates produces Humic or Fulvic, whereas our natural product retains both the Humic and Fulvic.

Liquid HuMates can be mixed with dry fertilisers or liquid fertilisers for spraying straight onto the underside of foliage, where absorption takes place but we primarily recommend it as a foliar spray by itself for improving the health and growth of plants.

Powdered HuMates
Using a hammer mill we grind the natural HuMates into a very fine powder. This is ideally suited for mixing with traditional fertilisers or as part of a seed mix. Many of our organic fertiliser company clients use it as part of their mixes.

Fulvic Liquid & Powder
We have chemically extracted the fulvic out of HuMates and it is available as a ready to use liquid or as a powder that you can make up yourself. This product is ideally suited for use with liquid fertilisers as it speeds the uptake of fertiliser by plants. Adding liquid fulvic enables leaves to absorb the essential minerals and fertiliser easier. 90% of crop weight comes from the leaves through photosynthesis and you can get minerals and fertilisers more quickly into leaves if it is sprayed on.

Humic Liquid & Powder
We have chemically extracted the humic out of HuMates and it is available as a ready to use liquid or as a powder that you can make up yourself. Humic works best in the soil, extracting locked up minerals and holding newly applied fertiliser so that they are more readily plant available.

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