Air Bearings | Caster Modules

By: Hovair Systems  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Heavy Machinery, Moving Equipment, Air Bearings

Air Bearings and Caster Modules: The hub of our pneumatic powered load moving systems is the effective use of air bearings and caster modules as heavy machinery moving equipment. Air bearings and caster modules cannot work independently, however. They need to be incorporated into the load moving equipment, such as air bearing kits, additional caster modules, air beams, pallets, transporters etc.

Air Caster Modules

All Hovair Systems air caster modules are strong enough to support the weight of the loads their air bearings are designed to lift and move. There are several module options to choose from which are described below.

Keywords: Air Bearings, Caster Modules, Heavy Machinery, Load Moving, Load Moving Systems, Moving Equipment, Moving Systems,

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Load Moving Equipment Systems | Moving Heavy Machinery | Machine Handling

The selection covers virtually all types of load moving equipment - including Moving Heavy Machinery, Machine Handling and Heavy Load Moving - needed to lift and transport loads from 500 pounds to 100 tons and beyond. Load Moving Equipment Systems manufactured by Hovair use the latest air bearing and caster technology available in today's air film industry.


Air Beams|Lift Decks|Moving Handling Equipment

Lift Deck Beams Sets are able to move under a load (similar to a pallet truck) that is set on a low-profile pallet, then lift the pallet off the floor using the air lifter facility in the upper beam decks. However, by having a lift-deck incorporated into the structure, you can engage a heavy load and lift it clear of its base before moving it away.


Air Pallets|Warehouse Equipment|Heavy Load Moving Equipment|Heavy Load Movements

The push handle assembly houses twin handlebar grips, trigger switch to start and stop operation, main air inlet from shop air supply, and air balancing valves to ensure that all air bearings are receiving the correct amount of air in relation to the weight of the load and the condition of the floor on which the air pallet is operating.


Aluminum Load Moving Transporter Pallets|Moving Heavy Loads

Like all Hovair Systems products, aluminum load moving transporter pallets offer a flexible and easy way for moving your regular shaped loads by harnessing the power and energy of simple compressed air. Air bearing replacement is a simple process and requires the removal of 1 hex-head bolt for A-type air bearings and 5 bolts for the B-type air bearings.


Industrial Turntables|Factory Automation Equipment|Specialty Turntables

In addition to our well known residential range of car and automobile turntables, we also offer custom-built turntables for industrial use within factories, automotive plants, and other similar locations. Hovair Systems are a leading manufacturer of Industrial Turntables to the material handling industry. Easy installation via floor surface mounting bolts. Optional variable control speeds - up to 25 rpm.