By: Hostmann-steinberg Aus/nz  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Global Warming, Printing Inks, Rework System



We are working closely with your relevant staff to establish and confirm the requirements for individual jobs. We take into account factors such as substrate type, post-processing and end use. Working with you we determine the specification and quantity of ink required for each specific order.

"Green Ink" - Responsibility to the environment

Unusual weather patterns, melting ice caps, rising sea levels – these are the signs of global warming as a result of the greenhouse effect. There has recently been a renewed awareness in things ecological, and the effect we are having on the environment. New Zealand and Australia have always seen themselves as clean and green, but are we “doing the right thing” for our planet?

As one of Australasia’s largest printing inks and consumables suppliers, we offer alternative products that meet initiatives to keep the country as clean, natural and unspoilt as possible.

Superior Colour Management

The hubergroup has a comprehensive understanding of Colour Management, and has achieved the highest standards in supplying the best quality and service, which has been driven by our clients.

Managing Leftovers

Using our Spectrophotometer and associated software, we can help manage your ink leftovers, providing our rework system without compromising quality. This will prevent high volumes of Pantone and special mixes building up in the ink store, resulting in reduced inventory costs.

Keywords: Global Warming, Printing Inks, Rework System